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Unique Live Virtual Trip for Kids to Crete

    At Kids Love Greece we value partnerships and are very excited to announce that we are joining Outschool, a global online education platform for children, for a Live Virtual Field Trip to the Greek island of Crete on February 26, 2023!

    This online event, A Unique Virtual Field Trip to Crete, will allow youngsters to walk the ancient footpaths of Crete, the land of olives, and to discover the secrets of its liquid gold – olive oil – as well as the ancient heritage and cultural importance of olive trees in Greece.

    The event will be led by Antonios, one of Outschool’s young community learners, and will include a live virtual visit to the village of Vouves in Crete.

    The live virtual field trip will include the chance to see an olive tree 3,000 years old and to learn all about olive oil. This enormous natural sculpture has a circumference of approximately 12.5 meters and a diameter of 4.5 meters, and it continues to produce some of the succulent black olives that Crete is famous for.

    When: Sunday, February 26, 2023

    Time: 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM EST

    To enroll in this event, please click: shorturl.at/fhoMZ

    Cost: FREE*

    The virtual trip will be supported by Educational Consultant Dr. Maria Hnaraki, a professor and accomplished scholar in the fields of Anthropology, Folklore, and Ethnomusicology. Her passion for Crete and its identity, traditions, and customs ensure that this unique event will enable attendees to experience firsthand the island’s intriguing culture.

    *Outschool’s Learner Community experiences are free for all learners. However, you will be charged $1 to ensure a parent is making the enrollment. Refunds will be made at the end of each month.

    Book your place soon to avoid missing this unique live field trip to Crete!

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