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The Club ‘Local Families’ is what makes Kids Love Greece so unique. The Club consists of Greek parents who share with each other authentic ideas and independent information regarding family friendly activities, accommodation and restaurants in various destinations around Greece.

You can become a member in the Club ‘Local Families’, click HERE and complete the form!

Why should I contribute?

Why should I contribute?

You will receive our newsletter containing up to date news and recommendations for Greece

You will be among the first to know about offers and discounts from our local partners

You will receive exclusive gifts that we have prepared for the members of our Club ‘Local Families’

You will inspire other families who wish to travel to Greece with their families

You will have the opportunity to post specific questions and get answers from other members of our Club ‘Local Families’

Who can contribute?

Who can contribute?

Anyone who has kids or loving spending time with kids.

All of our local families are cool and love visiting new places and searching for new experiences in Greece.

What can I contribute?

What can I contribute?

You can write about anything that gives kids a big smile! That could be a new place you have visited, a hotel or a restaurant that kids simply love, or perhaps their favourite fun activity. At the end of the day, if kids are happy… parents are happier!

You can see our idea exchanging LIVE on FACEBOOK GROUP – available in Greek only.