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5 Reasons Kids Will Love Athens, Greece

    Athens is a fascinating city to visit for people of all ages, especially kids! Here’s 5 reasons kids will love Athens in Greece.

    See Athens by Βike Family biking activity in Athens specially designed private city tour kidslovegreece Greece children sightseeing Acropolis experience amazing bicycles cycling monuments

    We all know that sometimes, sightseeing in a city with kids is a hard act to pull off. Thankfully, Athens has plenty of kid-friendly activities to choose from to make life easier! Here’s five suggestions on how to combine fun family activities with sightseeing in Athens.

    1. Take a Percy Jackson small group tour of the Acropolis

    Acropolis tablets Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package family guided tour kids love greece Athens

    Our Percy Jackson inspired tours have proven to be a real hit with families visiting Greece! We’ve specially created them to combine stories from the Percy Jackson books and Greek Mythology, with insightful guided tours of the main archaeological sites in Greece. Our Percy Jackson small group tour of the Acropolis is a great example of this. Join like-minded families and explore the birthplace of democracy in a fun and inclusive way!

    2. See Athens by Bike

    The center of historic Athens is largely pedestrianised, which makes our bike tours an ideal way to explore the Greek capital for all active families. Our Athens biking tour for families is fully customizable; we can create a route which takes you around the main historic sites, stops at a local coffee shop, and reveals some hidden secrets. Our family friendly local guides are keen to share their knowledge of Athens, and will make sure everyone has a good time.

    3. The Olympic Games Workout

    Olympic games activity for families athens

    If your family loves sport, they will already know that Greece was the home of the original Olympic Games. What better way to feel the spirit of the Games than taking part in some yourselves? Our Olympic Games workout activity will give you the opportunity to learn how athletes trained and competed against one another, as well as presenting the chance to try various games yourselves. At the end of the activity, you’ll even be able to race against one another in an Olympic stadium. Will you be the one to stand on top of the podium?

    4. Athens Street Art Walking Tour

    Walking Tour Street Art Athens

    Many people know that Athens is home to amazing archaeological sites. Few people realise that it has a buzzing contemporary vibe as well though. Our family-friendly Athens Street Art Tour will take you down side streets and hidden neighbourhoods in search of the latest and greatest works of street art. Our local expert can give you the stories behind the artists and works, along with their connection to contemporary events in Greece such as the Crisis. This is a great tour for families who want to take a look at a different side of Athens, and kids will love the Instagram opportunities!

    5. Athens Treasure Hunt for Families

    treasure hunt for families

    This family activity is a really unique way to get to know historic Athens. Following a series of clues, you will make your way through the city, solving problems and puzzles along the way. You will learn about stories from Greek Mythology, contemporary life in Athens and more as you make you way toward the end of the adventure. Find out more here about the Athens Treasure Hunt For Families.

    Interested in planning a family vacation in Athens? Contact the Kids Love Greece team today, and we’ll put together a unique itinerary based on your interests.

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