Naxos in Greece is perfect for family vacations

5 reasons Naxos is a great choice for family vacations in Greece

We always recommend the Greek island of Naxos as a destination for family vacations. Here’s 5 of the reasons why we think your family will love it!

The port of Naxos in Greece

Naxos, Greece

Whilst most first time visitors to Greece think that AthensSantoriniMykonos is the winning combination for their Greek travel itinerary, we’ve got an alternative suggestion for families. Instead of Mykonos, try Naxos as it’s far more suitable. Here’s why.

#1 Family-friendly version of Mykonos

We don’t want to put Mykonos down, because we love that island as well! The fact is though, that Naxos is far more suitable for families. There’s more of an authentic edge, less of a party scene, and it’s certainly less expensive!

Whilst Mykonos has something of a ‘see and be seen’ about it, Naxos is content to keep its laid back feel. Think plenty of beaches, long meals, and family-friendly activities.

#2 Ancient Ruins

Naxos in Greece is perfect for family vacations

Like many parts of Greece, Naxos has more than its fair share of archaeological sites to explore! The most famous and iconic, is the Portara. This doorway with massive marble lintels is the only thing that remains of an unfinished temple that would have been dedicated to the God Apollo.

Located close to the port, no family trip to Naxos is complete without a photo or two taken in front of it. The Portara also makes a lovely sunset spot as seen from afar. Enjoy the sunset, and then wander off to find a taverna serving tasty local dishes. Which brings us neatly on to reason number 3.

#3 Naxos Cuisine

We often described Greek cuisine as one of the most underrated in the world, and Naxos helps to prove the point. Whether sampling dishes made from their unique island grown potatoes, or trying traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, you’ll never be disappointed!

Interested in a food tour in Naxos? Contact the Kids Love Greece team through the on-screen chatbox for more details!

#4 Traditional Villages

Agriculture has always been an important part of life on Naxos, and still is to this day. Away from the tourists hotspots along the coast, you will find villages where life seems to go on unchanged. Old men gather in the Kafe Neo, distilleries produce the local ‘kitron’, and narrow alleyways and Venetian architecture set a perfect scene.

We would highly recommend a tour of the villages of Naxos during your family vacation. If you are limited by time, at least try to visit Halki and Apiranthos villages.

#5 Great Beaches

There are lots of family-friendly beaches on the Greek island of Naxos

Did we leave the best until last? Possibly! Naxos has some wonderful beaches to suit all tastes. From small secluded areas to vast stretches of sand, there’s something for everyone!

Families visiting Naxos should definitely check out Plaka Beach which is considered to be one of the more family-friendly. The blue flag beach of Agia Anna is also very lovely.

If you have plenty of days to spend on the island, ask the locals which beach is their favourite. You may discover an area not mentioned in any guide books, where you can enjoy a little slice of Greek paradise all to yourselves!

To find out more about family holidays in Naxos, contact the Kids Love Greece team today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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