Loutro village Chania KidsLoveGreece.com
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Loutro village Chania KidsLoveGreece.com
Loutro village Chania KidsLoveGreece.com
Loutro village Chania KidsLoveGreece.com
Aghia roumeli village KidsLoveGreece.com © Aghia Roumeli


Loutro is situated on the south coast of Crete, near to Hora Sfakia, and about 70kms south of Chania, the capital city of the region. It is a small picturesque fishing village with white buildings and blue window frames that are reminiscent of the Cyclades and are unique in Crete. There is no road in Loutro itself, no cars and no motorbikes. Actually, there is one car, which is used to transfer supplies from the boat to hotels and restaurants!

Loutro is stunningly beautiful and sits in small bay. It has not yet spoilt by mass tourism and is a place for those families that want something different. There are no big hotels with swimming pools, no overcrowded streets, restaurants and beaches. You will find the rest and peace you are looking for and if you want there are lots of things to do at the same time.

Enjoy walking in the scenic, unspoilt mountain countryside with its valleys and gorges. Discover the beautiful beaches like Glyka Nera (Sweetwater Beach), a popular nudist beach, or perhaps Marmara Beach, where you can enjoy the sun, sea and peaceful tranquillity. Most local beaches can be accessed by daily boat. The beach at Loutro is pebbly and kayaks are available for rent.

Restaurants and the mini market on the waters’ edge are all within a couple of minutes walk, and there is a jetty where the boats from Sfakia and Agia Roumeli moor.

The road to Sfakia from Chania is really stunning and in spite of recent road improvements there are still a couple of scary bends on the road but it all adds to the excitement of the journey! Have a coffee stop on the way and call in at one of the tavernas at Impros and try the ‘Sfakiani pitta’, the local specialty which is a yummy kind of pancake with cheese and honey that everyone is sure to love.

Families should know

  • Loutro gets very with locals on weekends in high season so book ahead if you decide to stay overnight
  • Loutro is very casual and beachwear, casual clothes and flip flops will suffice
  • Τhe only access to Loutro is by ferry or taxi boat from Sfakia, or by a couple of hours walk along the coastal track.

Hora Sfakion - Loutro, Chania, Crete


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Kids will love

  • The yummy pancake en route
  • Counting the wild goats on the way
  • The ferry boat ride to Loutro
  • Discovering the insects and animals on the nature trails
  • Kayaking from the beach

Parents will love

  • The peace and tranquility
  • A cocktail on the waterfront
  • The isolation from the maddening crowds
  • Watching with intrigue how everyone joins in as supplies are off loaded from the ferry boat
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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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