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Plaka Bridge – Katarraktis

The first stop of the day will be at the river Arahthos which is reached via a short, easy to walk dirt track. Plaka Bridge was built in 1866 and is the largest arch shaped stone bridge in the area, standing at an impressive 20mts high and 61 metres in length. When you cross the bridge your breath is taken away by its grandeur.
Head out towards the twin waterfalls in the village of Katarraktis, its name meaning ‘waterfall’ in Greek. Park by the kiosk make your way towards the waterfalls. They might not be the most impressive you have seen but the path and the wooden bridge leading to them are really beautiful. If you have time, stop at café bar for a ‘tsipouromelo’ and some homemade traditional desserts (ask for ‘gliko tou koutaliou’). The bean soup is also highly recommended.

Next, drive to the village with its beautiful village square and peaceful, lush surroundings. It’s a perfect location for long walks or for relaxation.

If your stomach is rumbling, you can try taverna ‘Agriofraoules’ in the forest village of Kedros. The taverna is popular for its homemade pies, lamb in the ‘gastra’ – a traditional pot made of clay with a lid – and homemade bread. Interestingly, children’s activities such as fishing and bread making using traditional methods take place in the village. Book and plan ahead so that your children can take part in these interesting activities (for further information, please visit www.guesthousekedros.gr).

If you’re wondering what else to do while you are in the area, just have a look at ‘Tzoumerka – Epirus’ in our ‘Ideas for Excursion’ section.

Families should know

  • A hotel reception is usually a very good source of information on how to get out and about and it isn’t difficult once you know how
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking
  • If you like walking, hiking from the village to the waterfalls is highly recommended. It is a 4kms uphill walk and takes about an hour
  • The outing is not recommended for families with babies as using a pushchair in the suggested places could be challenging
  • The waterfalls are seasonal from October to June. During the summer months they are dry


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Kids will love

  • The huge arch of the bridge
  • Kedros forest village

Parents will love

The breathtaking scenery

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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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