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What is the best Greek island for families with young kids?

Greece has no shortage of islands to choose from – there’s over 6000 of them after all! But which ones are the best Greek islands for families with younger kids? Let’s take a look.

Choosing a family friendly Greek island

Everyone who visits Greece comments on how friendly the people are, and this is especially true of families. Kids are welcomed and treated well everywhere, and there is a real family-friendly side to Greek culture.

With that in mind, we have to point out that some Greek islands are more family friendly than others, especially for those traveling with younger kids. This can be due to the infrastructure, beaches or any number of other reasons. Below, we’ve listed 4 of the most popular Greek islands people consider visiting when in Greece for the first time. Having visited them ourselves with our kids, and from experience in the travel industry, we’ve added our thoughts on whether they are suitable for families with younger kids.

Santorini and Mykonos

Mykonos and Santorini are two of the highest-end destinations in Greece. Mykonos is more busy and active, while Santorini is an island of unique natural beauty. You need to keep in mind that accommodation in both islands is in most cases quite expensive.


Santorini is a really unique island in terms of natural beauty. It is famous worldwide for its unique views, the volcano, the amazing sunset at Oia village, but not for its beaches. They are not the most kid-friendly ones, especially for kids under the age of 7.

Flickr ilker ender Red beach Santorini

Accommodation in Santorini is very challenging when it comes to families since most of the hotels do not accept kids (especially under 13 years old). Because of the geography of the place, some hotels (even if they accept kids), they have several restrictions i.e. no jumping in the pool, respect the privacy of others, lots of stairs to reach the restaurant, not very private balconies.

Santorini does offer high-end 5 star hotels and family villas where guests needs are catered for, and these may accept kids. Even so, they need to be booked well in advance (think of a year at least in advance!). Contact the Kids Love Greece team through the online chat for more details.


The Windmills of Mykonos

Mykonos is also lovely and offers an amazing “Cycladic atmosphere”, really nice beaches and picturesque villages. Like Santorini, dedicated kid-friendly resorts are few and far between, although the accommodation does not book up quite so much as Santorini. As a high end destination, you can expect accommodation prices to be high especially in the summer season though. Overall, a better choice than Santorini for families with young kids, but there are two other great choices…

Naxos and Paros

Naxos beach and sunset

Naxos island is among our favorite family destinations in Greece. Besides its amazing “Greek island” atmosphere, its long sandy beaches are ideal for families with young children. Our favorite is Agios Prokopios! Overall the whole island is fantastic since it combines great beaches, lovely small villages and delicious food! Furthermore, it offers various accommodation options and has so many different things to see and enjoy with the family. The only thing with Naxos, is that it does not have such a variety of bigger hotels/resorts with kids club. It has however various beachfront family villas, suites and beautiful boutique hotels. It’s far more relaxed than Santorini and Mykonos, and has a more ‘authentic’ feel.

Paros is also really nice and has lovely beaches and beautiful beach villages. It is slightly smaller than Naxos and usually a bit more busy.  Overall, I would say that Naxos has a more family atmosphere while Paros is a bit more ‘trendy’ and has a more developed nightlife.

Overall, Naxos is more relaxed and has a more cozy family atmosphere, while Paros is somewhere in the middle.

Final Thoughts

We want you to have the best family vacation in Greece possible. Whilst we don’t want to discourage you from visiting Santorini, especially if it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, there are more suitable islands for families. In our opinion, Naxos is the ideal destination, combining great beaches, good food, and an authentic atmosphere. Contact us for more details on Naxos, and we’ll help plan your next family vacation!

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