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Why Athens is the perfect city for a Fall break for families

    Greece might be associated with sun, sea, sand and fabulous islands in the summer, but it’s a year around destination. Athens in particular is an ideal city to visit during a fall break, especially for families. Here’s why.


    Visit Athens in Autumn

    Athens – the birthplace of democracy and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Made famous because of its pivotal role in history and incredible monuments such as the Acropolis, Parthenon and ancient temples, it’s a fantastic place to visit no matter what time of year.

    For families though, the Fall is perhaps the best time to visit Athens. With the heat of summer slowly fading away, there can still be warm days, but the unbearable heat of August is long behind.

    There’s fewer tourists as well, especially when the cruise boats start to end their runs for the season. This leaves Athens at its most authentic and genuine. A real experience for families wanting to go a little deeper than just seeing the main touristic attractions.

    Things to do in Athens in Fall

    Percy Jackson Day Tours From Athens - Family Vacations In Greece


    Of course, the usual highlights of the city are open all the year through, and so first time visitors to Athens should still make sure they visit the Acropolis, stroll around the ancient Agora, see the Temple of Zeus, and try all that tasty food in Plaka!

    There are other activities to try that all the family will enjoy.

    Spend some time in the parks

    The autumn is a wonderful season to visit some of the parks both in the city itself and in the surrounding area. A ‘must visit’ are the National Gardens, which are right next to the Houses of Parliament.

    The gardens are a lot bigger than you think, and walking paths criss-cross each other, any of which are shaded. In the Fall, you can expect to see the leaves changing colour on some of the trees.

    You could combine a visit to the National Gardens with seeing the Changing of the Guards. After time in the Gardens, you could then move on to out next suggestion.

    Panathenaic Stadium

    This stadium often gets left out of people’s Athens itineraries if they are staying in the city for just a couple of days. During a longer Fall break though, you will have time to fully appreciate the stadium.

    The kids will love the chance to run on the track and stand on the podium at the end, and surely everyone will be inspired by the Olympic Museum inside.

    Try an Urban Adventure

    Street Art Walking Tour Athens

    With comfortable temperatures, autumn is the perfect time for families to try an urban adventure in Athens. Take your pick from a number of walking tours that highlight contemporary cultural aspects of Athens, but our recommendation is to try a street art tour!! The walls of Athens seem to be an ever-changing canvas, and a clued in guide will be able to show you where all the latest and greatest street art is.

    If you would like help planning your fall vacation break in Greece, contact us through the onscreen chat box. Our team would love to help create the perfect vacation itinerary for you and your family!

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