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10 Things You Must Do in Athens with your Family

Are you visiting Athens? The Greek capital is a great city for families with kids of all ages. Ancient old monuments, fun neighbourhoods and lots of family friendly activities. We believe it is really hard to choose what to do in Athens and that is why we have created a top 10 selection of the best experiences in the city. Here are our favorite things to do with kids in Athens according to their age!

For 4-6 years old

1. Visit traditional neighborhoods

Athens is full of picturesque neighborhoods. Plaka, one of the most beautiful of the city has many pedestrian streets and neoclassical buildings. The numerous picturesque cafés and restaurants along the way fill the atmosphere with vivid colors and appetizing flavors. Socialize with the local merchants at Adrianou street and get a real taste of the Greek temperament! Young kids will have lots of fun discovering the city this way.

Anafiotika neighborhood is another such area. With its tiny houses and whitewashed stairs, you will feel as if you were on a Greek island. Enjoy a cup of traditional Greek coffee in one of the areas beautiful cafés and gaze at the breathtaking view of the Acropolis while your kids run around freely. Now it’s the perfect timing for you to grab your cameras and capture all these unique family moments.

Young children will also love Monasteraki. The famous Flea Market of Monastiraki with its peculiar shops and friendly street vendors with colorful handicrafts is not to be missed!

If you want to make sure that you do not miss any of these pretty parts of Athens, we recommend a guided Family Tour in Athens with a family friendly local insider guide. This carefully designed walking tour for families is a perfect introduction to Athens for first time visitors. You will have the opportunity to visit five of the most historic neighborhoods of Athens: Syntagma square, Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki and Psirri.

2. The changing of the guards at Syntagma Square

Syntagma square is one of the main squares of Athens and the center of the city. Here you can enjoy a coffee in one of the cafés while you watch the passers-by, admire the large fountain or sit on one of the benches beneath the shade of the trees. Crowded Syntagma square is always a pleasant stop. Young kids will love feeding the pigeons or buying a Greek bagel from the street vendors.

The Greek Parliament building is located next to Syntagma square. In front of the Parliament building are the Tsoliades also called Evzones. These elite soldiers are a ceremonial unit that guards the Greek Tomb of the Unknown Soldier outside the Parliament. The Tsoliades stand completely still during their watch. Each hour, every day of the week, they are being replaced by a fresh team of soldiers. This changing of the guards is an impressive ceremony to watch and a must-do when in Athens with young kids (and older ones too!)

3. Animal world

A great place to visit with young kids in Athens are the friendly animals at the Attica Zoo Park. Attica Zoo Park has more than 350 animal species, and half of these species are endangered. There are exotic animals and one section of the park is dedicated to Greek fauna, where the brown bear is the stand-out attraction as well as the endemic Kri-Kri goat and the horses from Skyros island. Bird lovers will enjoy the large variety of birds species. In the past, Attica Zoo Park was designed as an ornithological park and that is why it hosts the third biggest bird collection in the world. Giraffes, zebras, antelopes, hippos, rhinos, camels, Asian Elephants and more are waiting for you. Do not miss the impressive Komodo dragons and the anteaters, the most recent additions to the Attica Zoo Park.

Attica Zoo Park also hosts a petting farm, a playground with swings and a climbing castle and a large picnic field for endless hours of play in the sun. There are several kiosks in the park and one restaurant with snacks and cold/hot meals such as pasta or pizza. In the Zoo’s educational center, kids can participate in arts and crafts or admire a small collection of fossils, feathers, bones and other animal-related objects. During school holidays, the zoo organizes summer camps for kids of all ages. The Attica Zoo Park is located outside the Athens city center near a large shopping mall and the Athens airport.

For 7-12 years old

4. The Acropolis

Climb up the Acropolis, travel back to the Golden Age of Pericles, and discover the birthplace of democracy! A visit to the Acropolis is a must for anyone visiting Athens. The Acropolis is a rocky and steep hill in the middle of Athens. It is the most famous Greek monument of the ancient world and known around the world. The Acropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage monument and the most complete ancient Greek monument still existing in our times. At the Acropolis hill, you can see the largest temple called the Parthenon as well as the Propylaea or ‘main entrance doors’, the Temple of Nike, and the Erechtheion. At the slopes of the Acropolis is the ancient Dionysus Theatre (the first theatre in the world!), the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre and the Asclepius Sanctuary.

To fully understand the history and art of the Acropolis and its monuments, it is wise to book a guided tour. Further, a family specialized guide will be able to engage the children with vivid stories about the Greek Gods and will bring the monuments to live. Storytelling, quizzes and games, a family guide will make a visit to the Acropolis suitable children and teens!

To make the most out of your visit to the Acropolis with kids, we recommend our Private Family Guided Tour to the Acropolis. This tour takes your family along the famous monuments of the Acropolis and its foothills.

If your kids like mythology or the books and movies of Percy Jackson, we have designed Mythology Tours in the Acropolis inspired by Percy Jackson. There are private and small group options. Click here for more information: Mythology Tours inspired by Percy Jackson.

If you want to take your family visit to the Acropolis to a different level, have a look at our Acropolis 3D app. A new guiding tool for families opening a virtual window to the history of ancient Athens.

5. The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is the opposite of the Acropolis: modern and dynamic, but steeped in the ancient history of the city. Built atop a recently opened archaeological site of Ancient Athens, the entrance to the museum is a glass walkway with a view to the works. The Acropolis museum homes the statues that once lived in the Acropolis, including the famous Caryatids. The Acropolis Museum is a real treasure trove of ancient statues, pottery and other articles from the glory years of Athenian democracy. It’s a great place to visit after walking around the Acropolis—it’s about 15-20 minutes’ walk back down the mountainside. The museum has a wonderful restaurant with an amazing view of the Acropolis for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Acropolis Museum offers Family Backpacks with an education program for kids free of charge. To make the most out of your visit to the museum, we recommend a guided tour.

Find the Caryatids among the marvellous artefacts on exhibit and learn about Ancient Greece at the Kids Love Greece Acropolis Museum Guided Tour.

For Percy Jackson fans, we recommend the Percy Jackson inspired tours at the Acropolis Museum.

For kids who are interested in photography, we have created an unique experience in the Acropolis Museum called the Photo Adventure in the Acropolis Museum. During this workshop, you will venture in one of the most important museums of the world to discover its world-famous sculptures. You will not only find out more about how the sculptures have been created but also listen to the incredible stories behind them. This Photography Workshop is guided by a professional photographer enabling you and your kids to see the museum’s sculptures through his eyes. By doing so, not only will you learn about ancient Greek art, but you will also improve your photography skills and learn art photography. While photographing the sculptures, you will practice working with light and create unique and interesting artistic photos as your own, personal photo souvenir.

6. Join a Food Tour

Embark on a mythological journey into Greek gastronomy with the whole family! Taste eternal Greek delicacies, discover their origins and listen to great stories from Greek Mythology! With as many as 15 different foods to taste, there is no need for breakfast and there will be no room for lunch! Food is in the heart of Greek culture and there is no better way for your family to experience it than with a kid-focused Mythology Food Tour in the traditional heart of Athens.

Eat your way through Athens and experience one of the most delicious tours of your life at our Mythology Food Tour for families.

Another interesting food tour is the Kids Love Greece Vegetarian Food Tour. Vegetarianism is no new thing to Greece as it has been a part of the culture since classical ancient times and still is today. It is an essential part of the Greek Orthodox religious calendar where specific days and weeks of the year are given over to fasting, particularly during Great Lent – the 40 days before Easter. You will certainly be spoiled for choice as our guide introduces you to Greek vegetarian cuisine. Fava beans, olives, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, stuffed vine-leaves, veggie croquettes, pies, yoghurt, honey – the list is endless. We guarantee you will come away from this Athens vegetarian food tour full of enthusiasm and inspiration. We also guarantee you will come away full!

To find out more about this vegetarian food tour for families in Athens, contact the Kids Love Greece team today. We’ll be more than happy to explain in more detail what you can expect from the tour, and would be delighted in helping you plan your trip to Greece.

For children who do not sleep early, we recommend the Illuminated Athens Tour with Mezze. Starting as the sun sets, your exploration of Athens by evening begins with our local, expert guide and historian. From the fairytale lamps of Pittaki street to the sweeping esplanade of Dionysiou Areopagitou, you will discover the most picturesque places in Athens. This is a tour rich in history and mythology, taking in landmark sites such as the National Gardens and the Temple of Olympian Zeus whilst giving you a rich insight into local culture. From Syntagma Square we go through historic neighborhoods such as Plaka, Thiseio, and Psyrri. You will see the National Gardens, Hadrian’s Arch, the ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates and the magnificent Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Admire the illuminated Acropolis, the Acropolis museum and the Stoa of Attalos. Learn more about Athens’ history and culture and hear local anecdotes of the city that range from Ancient to Roman, Byzantine, and contemporary Athens. The evening ends with a light mezedes dinner and wine at a local tavern. With live music and a warm Greek atmosphere, this is an experience that you will not forget!

7. Hands-on in the Greek cuisine

Kids love to participate in a cooking lesson and especially when they can book something sweet. That is why we have designed cooking classes for families creating Greek delicacies.

In our Baklava Baking cooking lesson kids can taste delicious sweets, sample mountain tea and frappé, and experience genuine Greek hospitality. Your host will invite you into their home in Athens for a Greek cooking lesson with a difference. Explaining the history behind this most famous of Greek desserts, they encourage everyone to join in and bake their own. This is a great opportunity for the kids to have a real hands-on experience, as they learn how to mix and bake for themselves. It is not just about Baklava though. During this family cooking lesson, you can also sample other Greek desserts and sweets, such as Bougatsa, Halva, and Amigdalota.

The Baklava baking lesson is just one of many Greek cooking lessons that you can try in Athens. The Greek Cooking Family Lesson is another great idea for families who want to learn even more about cooking Greek dishes. You will learn how to find the freshest ingredients to buy at the Greek market and experiment with various traditional Greek ingredients, spices and flavors. After, you will learn how to prepare your own traditional Greek salad and tzatziki and enjoy your own culinary masterpieces!

For 13 + 

8. Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

Feel the power of the Temple of Poseidon and experience one of the most gorgeous sunsets of your life! Teens will love a visit to Cape Sounio with its Poseidon temple along the Athens Riviera. This ancient Greek temple has stood here for thousands of years and is in an almost magical position with incredible views. For a semi-private day or afternoon family cruise to Athens Riviera with a visit to the Temple of Poseidon, please click HERE.

If your teen likes the books or movies of Percy Jackson, we recommend a Percy Jackson Cape Sounio Tour to this sacred place. Your little Percy Jackson fans will love the temple of Percy’s father, and they should wonder if the temple is part of a ‘Sacred Triangle’. As the sun begins to sink lower in the sky, you have some free time to enjoy the temple and views as the horizon changes colour. Each sunset at the Temple of Poseidon is different, and whether you want to go Instagram crazy or simply sit their and admire nature at its finest, we know you’ll all love it. This Percy Jackson Tour of the Temple of Poseidon is offered in a small group format, which means that 3 or 4 other families will also be on the tour. We like to keep the numbers small so that you enjoy a personalised experience, the kids can get along and have fun, and it is restricted to only families.

Would you like to find out more about our Percy Jackson tours of Greece? We offer day trips and vacation packages specifically designed just for you, guaranteeing a unique and memorable experience in Greece. Contact our team today through the online chatbox, or take a look at our ‘Design Your Own Trip‘ page to get started!

9. Street Art for teenagers

Discover some of the most charming neighbourhoods of the city and the urban site of Athens through the street artists during a Kids Love Greece Street Art Tour.

During this 3 hour street art walking tour, your guide will take you to some neighbourhoods of Athens which have attracted some street artists over the past years. Actually, you will be amazed at how street art has taken over Athens; there are over 2,000 graffiti works. No wonder why New York Times calls Athens “a contemporary Mecca for street art in Europe”! After this street art walking tour, you will definitely get a better appreciation and critical eye on this form of artistic expression. This activity is recommended for anyone who is curious, full of imagination and appreciative of this colorful urban canvasses form of art. We highly recommend this tour for teenagers/ older children visiting Athens.

For a private family friendly street art tour in Athens, please click HERE:

10. Sailing along the coast of Athens

Put on your swimwear and your flip-flop mood and explore incredible beaches nearby Athens through our Athens Riviera Family Day Cruise. Teens love this tour as they get to relax onboard, listen to music, sunbath and jump in the sea.

Athens might be a city mostly known worldwide for the great archaeological monument of the Acropolis and Parthenon. A few people, however, know that besides its archaeological treasures Athens has many hidden beauties. This family-friendly Athens Riviera Sailing Cruise is your chance to see another beautiful side of Athens!

A professional driver will pick you and your family up from your hotel and drive you to Agios Kosmas Marina. Here, you will jump on a luxurious catamaran, relax and get ready to start this amazing family day cruise! With a refreshing welcome drink in your hand, you will be briefed by a professional skipper about vessel orientation and safety onboard regulations. Relax on the deck and feel the light sea breeze and the warmth of the sun. The catamaran will sail off into the crystal blue waters of the Athens Riviera. Grab the opportunity to admire the magnificent view of the Athens Riviera spreading out in front of your eyes. Make sure that you have your cameras ready and capture all these memorable moments with this beautiful background!

There are plenty of stops for swimming and after you have enjoyed a refreshing swim in blue waters, you will get back on board and sail to your next destination. The crew will provide you with clean towels and all necessary snorkeling gear. Jump into the deep blue sea, admire its underwater beauty and discover its various natural treasures!

We are pretty sure that all this diving and snorkeling has caused you to build up an appetite! Get back on board and just follow the alluring smell of freshly roasted vegetables. It will lead you straight to a table filled with various Greek delicacies. Savoring a delicious BBQ accompanied by a wide variety of flavorful appetizers. Fresh Greek salad, slow-cooked vegetables, shrimps saganaki and a variety of deeps are included in this culinary experience. For another half an hour you will be given the opportunity to relax on the deck of the catamaran. So just enjoy the stunning views before departing to return back to Agios Kosmas Marina. Do relish every family moment of this unique Athens Riviera Sailing Cruise around the enchanting Athens Riviera.

PS. Similar sailing tours are also available in SantoriniCreteMykonos and other places throughout Greece. So whenever you are travelling to Greece with teens, keep these tours in mind!

We hope you will enjoy our suggestions for the best 10 things to do in Athens with your Family. If you need more suggestions for experiences in one of the oldest cities in Europe, have a look under the Tours tab on our website or contact us for tips and ideas. We are happy to help!


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Kids will love

  • The constant activity and happy vibe of the city
  • Spending fun moments with their parents’ undivided attention
  • Exploring a city so different from the cities at home

Parents will love

  • Discovering Athens through the eyes of their children
  • Visiting world-famous monuments
  • Spending quality family time

Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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