Best Greek islands for families

    It is not easy to choose which island to visit in Greece. After all, there are over 6000! We’ve done the hard work for you by creating this list of the best Greek islands for families: Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini, Lefkada, Kea, Hydra and Astypalaia.



    Crete is incredibly popular with overseas visitors because of its history, starting from the Minoan civilization to the Venetian rule and modern Greek era, its Venetian towns with the fortified ports, as well as the amazing food and hospitality of local people. And let’s not forget the stunning beaches and natural beauty.

    Due to its size and sheer variety, Crete is our number one recommendation for family vacations in Greece. Crete is the largest island in Greece with something to do for everyone.

    There are hundreds of sandy beaches in Crete with shallow crystal clear water. If you prefer to be active and explore the great outdoors, you can go hiking, kayaking, or cycling.

    Archaeology fans will love the world-famous Minoan Palace of Knossos and other lesser-known archaeological sites such as Gortyna or Aptera. Crete also offers countless family workshops such as cooking classes, farm visits, and themed walking tours.

    For activities in Crete: What to do in Crete with kids

    family road trip in Crete Balos kids love greece activities for families

    For families who want to spend time together exploring the world-famous Knossos Palace and spent time together in a family workshop, we recommend our Private Family Guided Tour at the Palace of Knossos plus a Private Pottery Workshop. This half-day activity is a great way to start your vacation in Crete!

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    Romantic Corfu is another great recommendation when looking for an island to visit in Greece with kids. If you are traveling with toddlers or teens, the Corfu old town and Aqualand Waterpark are great outings. The beautiful sandy beaches in Corfu and green bays will ensure a good time for everyone.

    Corfu is very popular with tourists and resort holidaymakers but it has retained its charm and historic character. Its visitors choose to return year after year.

    To explore Corfu by foot or private vehicle, we recommend you to join our Kids Love Greece Corfu Family Walking Food tour or a Family Tour in Corfu that takes you by foot and car to all the important monuments.

    For activities in Corfu: What to do in Corfu with kids

    Corfu island family vacation KidsLoveGreece.com


    Lefkada is part of the Ionian island group between Italy and Greece. These islands are very green with white beaches and turquoise waters. Breathtaking Lefkada is connected with the mainland by a small bridge thus accessible by car. 

    The island hosts some of the most scenic beaches in Greece, often called the “Caribbean of Greece”, and an absolute dream destination for families with kids. Laid-back Lefkada is great for sand and water play with babies as well as for windsurfing and kite surfing with older children.



    If your kids like European castles head over to Rhodes! The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is a citadel dominating the main town and harbor of the island. It is a beautiful and very impressive fortification to explore. Besides its castle and old city walls,

    Rhodes also offers amazing beaches, ancient sites, water parks, and many outdoor activities.

    Rhodes has over 300 days of sunshine per year. Try to avoid visiting the island in the busy peak month of August. It can be very hot and crowded during this period. It’s far better to visit in May or June or after the summer.

    The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes


    Astypalaia is a relatively unknown mountainous Greek island in the Aegean Sea. This island is best visited by families who have been to Greece before and want to get to know the country on a deeper level. In Astypalaia you can experience Greece with kids like a Greek! The town square in the main village is the lively heart of the island. Astypalaia offers eco-tourism and outdoor activities, watersports, and traditional cuisine.

    Find out more in our Astypalaia guide.

    Astypalaia Island Greece SH


    These 5 islands are part of the famous Cyclades island group. Think of a dry landscape, whitewashed houses with blue window shutters, white and blue-domed churches, cute looking villages, and turquoise waters!


    Although Naxos is not as famous as Mykonos or Santorini, we believe that it is the most suitable island for family vacations with young kids.

    Naxos is a charming and beautiful as the others, but it is less crowded and more authentic. Naxos has many kid-friendly sandy beaches with shallow waters and secluded bays. The island also has an endless choice of family-friendly accommodation options and there is much to do for kids.

    For activities in Naxos: What to do in Naxos with kids

    Portara entrance of port at Naxos island

    A private island tour of Naxos is a great way to start your vacation on this Cycladic island. You will discover based on your interests and visit places few other tourists see during a unique and insightful tailor-made tour.


    Cosmopolitan Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, especially with the jet-set crowd. Mykonos has beautiful sandy beaches with shallow water making them ideal for young kids. The island is also very suitable for families with older children.

    Think of doing a sailing trip or spend time having fun with the many water sports.

    Mykonos has a large choice of top-notch private holiday villas and exclusive hotels and its pretty old town, Chora, is great for strolls and shopping.


    A great way to explore the island is by boat with our Private Family Sailing trip from Mykonos!

    Best Greek islands for families Crete Rhodes Corfu Naxos Mykonos Santorini Kea Hydra Lefkada kidslovegreece
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    For activities in Mykonos: What to do in Mykonos with kids


    World-famous Santorini with its iconic volcano landscape, stunning scenery, incredible views, and magnificent sunsets, is a year-round tourist destination. Santorini is a must-visit when on vacation in Greece!

    You can opt for a short stay and experience the major highlights in 2 or 3 days, or spent an entire vacation. Santorini has a lot to offer and there are several exclusive family hotels. Kids and adults can enjoy kayaking but one of the activities families love in Santorini is the Santorini Sailing Trip for Families.

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    Santorini island in Greece

    One of the ultimate adventures you can experience is to organize a Santorini sunset food tour for families.

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    For activities in Santorini: What to do in Santorini with kids


    Paros is as cosmopolitan as Mykonos and Santorini but less busy and more traditional. Paros has excellent tourist facilities and accommodation while also keeping a calm and traditional Greek vibe. Paros is known for its sandy beaches and safe calm waters, suitable for young kids but Paros also has a very vibrant windsurfing scene.

    Teens will love windsurfing and water sports on the island, while parents will enjoy beautiful boutiques, excellent restaurants, and romantic ports. Paros is great for sailing, we therefore recommend or Kids Love Greece Paros Family Sailing Trip.

    Paros Naoussa SH


    The island of Milos in the Cyclades is included on CNN Travel’s 2019 list of the world’s most beautiful islands along with Fregate in Seychelles, St Lucia in the Caribbean and Kaua’i in the Hawaiian archipelago. Milos is small, very family friendly and unique in its geological and natural beauty.

    “Pale rock meets sapphire water on Milos, a tiny island at the southwestern tip of the Greek Cyclades. This is where the famed Venus de Milo was discovered in 1820, and the island — like the statue – do spectacular justice to the ancient goddess of love,” a feature published in the travel magazine’s online edition said.

    To explore this amazing island, have a look at our Kids Love Greece Private Road Adventure on Milos.

    For activities in Milos: What to do in Milos with kids

    Milos island family trip KidsLoveGreece


    Kea belongs to the Cyclades island group and is very close to Athens. Not well-known to foreign visitors, many wealthy Athenians have summer homes on the island. Kea is a quiet island with a picturesque old town on top of the mountains. Its ecotourism options make it a great choice for families looking for an off the beaten path experience with kids in Greece.

    Kea Family Visit Temple

    From Athens, Kea can be reached during our 2-Day Family Sailing Trip to Kea Island.


    There are Greek islands are not as famous as Mykonos or Santorini but well worth your visit and all very suitable for families, each in their own way. The best thing about them is that they are near Athens.


    Hydra is another Greek island that can be easily reached from Athens. Many people choose to visit Hydra on a day trip, but staying longer truly reveals the charm of the island. Hydra is a unique mix of glamour and tradition. A car-free island where kids can enjoy horse riding and parents can drink cocktails.

    Hydra has many walking paths, secluded beaches, and a lively picturesque port. It is the perfect Greek island for families seeking a quiet and sophisticated break!

    beautiful Greek island, Hydra, Family

    You can also opt to visit Hydra with our Family sailing adventure from Athens.


    Spetses is a small island in the Saronic Sea. Similar to Hydra, there is an absence of automobiles in the main town. Instead, there are horse-drawn carriages that are ideal for a tour around the area, especially if you have children. The small town of Spetses is the only significant settlement on the island.

    We particularly love the combination of tranquillity and cosmopolitan life. It has a selection of traditional and more contemporary cafes and restaurants The island is easily accessible either by a family private sailing trip or ferry from the port of Piraeus (stops in Hydra) or via a water taxi from Porto Heli or Kosta.

    Kouzounas with small portshipyard, island of Spetses, Saronic gulf, Greece SH-min

    Need more help in planning your vacation in Greece?

    If you would like some assistance in planning your family vacation in Greece, we are here to help! As passionate locals and parents, we know the best accommodation, places to visit, and activities for kids. Fill in this contact form and we will help you to create the perfect family holiday in Greece!


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    The island beaches with crystal clear sea for endless hours of sand and water play

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    The many options and the uniqueness of each island

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    • Hi! We are planning a vacation to to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini with our kids over the March break. Is this a good time to travel to Greece? Any hotels you recommend? Also, my son is almost 4 years old and daughter will be 10 months old by then.

      Thank you,

      • Dear Monica,
        Thank you for your message. Maria will email you back with some ideas/ recommendations.
        Thank you.
        On behalf of the Kids Love Greeece team

    • Good evening
      Trying to organise a trip to Greece end of May with my 11 y.o.
      Was thinking to fly to Athens first, stay for a couple of days and then go to one island by ferry.
      What would you recommend us to do and to stay in Athens and which island to stay at?
      Booking ferry seems tricky as only cruising certain day of the week. Is that correct?
      Thanks in advance for your help

      • Dear Natacha,
        Thank you for your message. The duration of your stay in Athens really depends on your interests so I would say 2-4 nights is perfect (in case you would like to use Athens as a base to do day trips to places like Delphi or Epidavrus/ Naplion). Regarding the islands, once again it all depends on how many days you would like to stay. If you plan to stay 2 nights, then, Hydra/ Spetses/ or Kea are good options as they are all islands near Athens. Please do send us more information at info @ kidslovegreece.com and we will happily help you.
        Thank you.
        Katerina (on behalf of the Kids Love Grece team)

    • Hi .. i have a 6 year old that likes kids clubs .. beach swimming .. we are the grandparents that like beach, bars and boat trips. Nothing isolated as we wont be driving..please can you advise me what area and island you think.. thankyou

      • Hello Debbe! Crete sounds ideal for you as there is so much to do there… you will not get bored at all. Maria will follow up in an email!
        Have a great day!

    • Looking for ideas for 2 family’s with kids ranging from 5-9 years old. Adventurous kids. July 2020

      Thank you

      • Dear Nimesh,
        Thank you so much for your message. Maria G has already sent you an email on Feb 12th asking you for more information. We are delighted to send you all of our ideas for the most amazing adventure in Greece with your kids!
        Katerina (on behalf of the Kids Love Greece team)

    • hello! We are planning to visit Greece in mid April with my toddler. Can you email me with the weather information? will it be beach weather or on the cooler side? I’d also like to know how to get to the islands from Athens. Or which European city would it be best to fly to the island from?

      • Dear Reha,

        Thank you for your message.

        Typically weather in mid-April is pretty good with lots of sunshine. That said, the water temperature will be on the cooler side (for Greek standards at least). It also depends on the destination you will choose to go to. For example, typically Crete is warmer than the Cyclades islands because it is in the south of Greece.
        The port of Athens is called Pireaus and this is from where most of the ferries leave. There is also a smaller port called Rafina. I will email you a document with some useful information about the island hopping in Greece, including transfer time from Athens and between islands.
        Regarding European connections, since it is off-season you will not find too many flights to islands. Typically, you will need to go via Athens. Please check the website of Aegean Airlines for more information.

        Thank you.

    • Hi there.We are a family of 5 persons travelling to Athens for 1 week on June 28th. We have 3 very active boys age 12 years 11 years and 9 years. We all love cycling, swimming, water sports and anything active. We want to go to the islands. What ones do you recommend.

      • Dear Mary,
        Thank you for your message. You cannot get wrong with any of the islands, it all depends on whether you are fine to rent a car or not and what type of accommodation you need.
        Our first choice for active families in Greece is Crete, simply because there is so much to do.
        Hiking is awesome there (think of the Samaria Gorge and a few other fantastic hiking routes in the Southern part.
        If you are into sailing, we do offer some amazing day sailing options i.e. near Heraklion, Chania, Elounda or South Side
        Great biking route (off track) and kayaking as well as other water sports.
        The only downside is that the island is huge, so we recommend that you rent a car. We can help you decide which part of the island is more appropriate for your family (East, central or west).
        I will email you a document with some useful information about Crete and the different options per region.
        Thank you.


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