• Best Places to Eat with your Family in Spetses
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  • Best Places to Eat with your Family in Spetses
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Best Places to Eat with your Family in Spetses
Best Places to Eat with your Family in Spetses

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Best Places to Eat with your Family in Spetses

A good food experience can take your holidays to a whole new level. If you choose to spend a few days in Spetses with the kids then don’t miss out on these fantastic eateries.


This is definitely one of the best, if not the best, fish restaurant in Spetses. No wonder why Conde Nast’s Traveller magazine cited as one of the best restaurants in Greece a few years ago. But there are many other restaurants that are also good including: Orloff (for Greek meze plates), Dante (Italian) Sioras/Exedra (one of the oldest restaurants, very good for both fish and other Greek dishes) and many others.

Nero Tis Agapis

The same owner as Tarsanas has once again created a fantastic seafood restaurant, this time in Kounoupitsa. We particularly like the yard with plenty of shade and the sea view… and of course the sea breezes.


If you’re looking for a good fish and seafood taverna then this is the place to go. The owners have been serving good quality, well-priced fresh fish for the past 25 years.  Try the excellent lobster. The kids will also love the wonderful sea view.

Hotel Poseidonion

If you are celebrating a special occasion, the place to dine is the formal, restaurant at Hotel Poseidonionnear the port of Dapia. We will be honest though: we loved the drinks more than the food though.


The good-old Greek mezes you want to find on a taverna menu, served at your table, right by the seashore. No wonder the locals prefer this place. Make sure you make a reservation in advance. Choose a table on the terrace for a stunning view of the Saronic Sea. Next to Akrogialia, there is Prima, also by the beach.

Hint: order your food, and while you are waiting, go for a swim, day or night! You will be praying for slow service.

There is also a good bakery across the street which is open almost around the clock!

Restaurant at Spetses Hotel

This restaurant is located insider the Spetses Hotel, 10 minutes from Old Harbour. Enjoy the traditional Greek dishes from the waterfront. It is approximately 15-20 minutes walk from the Old Harbour.

Restaurants in Dapia

We must admit that the restaurants in Dapia are ok… just ok. However, if you do not feel like walking we recommend that you try the following.


What would a holiday in Greece be without souvlaki? Not many places around Dapia have souvlaki on the menu, but thankfully Cockatoo does delicious ‘gyros to go’ if you want to have a picnic on the beach, or are looking to eat on a budget.

Quarter Pizza

If you ever want a change from the delicious Greek cuisine there is no better alternative than pizza and pasta. Quarter Pizza’s fresh ingredients are the reason why some call it “the best Italian outside of Italy”. The polite staff will help you choose from an excellent Greek wine list. The Caprese salad and spaghetti carbonara are a ‘must’, and most importantly – your children will love the food!


Spetses is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth 


It has the best kataifi and halatobouriko on the whole Island. It’s made on a Saturday only and sells out.


Ice cream perfection is an understatement. All ice creams are home-made


It has the best ice cream coffee.


Go their for its divine loukomades, traditional Greek donuts.


Nothing goes better with a good dinner than a good dessert, so it is time to give your little fellows a small treat. The owner of Vanilla, Mr Yiannis, experiments with all sorts of flavours in his home-made desserts and pastries – there’s no way you’ll be able to pick just one! The colourful, dreamy décor of this little café is the perfect ending for a family dinner.


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