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Greece with your teens – Top things to do in Greece with your teens

Traveling with teens can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding a balance between things to see and do interesting enough for everyone. Fortunately, Greece is an ideal country to visit with your teens. There is lots to see and do for teenagers! Here are just a few suggestions for Greece with teens.

1. Explore the colorful street art in Athens

Let’s start off in the Greek capital! Athens is known for its vibrant street art scene, and many travel from far to discover this unique form of art that young people have used for years as a way to express themselves in a climate of economic turmoil. As the art is constantly changing, finding street art in Athens is best done during a guided tour. Try our Athens street art walking tour, or even see street art in Athens from a bike. You will get to see fascinating graffiti and colorful designs that will surely interest your teens (and may end up on their phones as a screen saver!).

girl looks a grafiti during street art tour in Athens

2. Biking Tour in Athens

One of the most enjoyable and fun ways of seeing the sites of Athens is on a bike tour. Following the pedestrianized streets which run through the historic center, you will get to see the heart of Ancient Athens from a unique angle. Our private bike tours include several food stops. Have a look at the Private Biking Tour for Families and start your Athens adventure on wheels!

3. Athens Instagram and Photo Adventure

All teens like Instagram and VSCO. During the Athens Instagram and Photo Adventure, your teens need to get their hashtags ready because Athens is #instaworthy! Your guide will take your family to those places where you will take unique photos, ideal for Instagram. Stroll through the iconic Plaka area with the Acropolis in the background, and you will have guaranteed success photos on your social media!

4. Improve photography skills

Most teens love to take pictures and photos are truly a great souvenir from their time in Greece. Teens and parents can now improve their photography skills in workshops that were created for families who like to learn something new during their vacation while also visiting some of the most important attractions. The Photo Adventure in the Acropolis Museum is focussed on the beautiful ancient statues of Greece’s most important museum. If your teens prefer to be outdoors, we recommend our Photo Hunt around the monuments in the city. The Family Postcards from the Athens Riviera takes your family to the famous temple of Poseidon and several other impressive places along the coast.

5. Opt for a dual destination

You are visiting a country home to over 6000 islands and with an extensive coastline. Take advantage of that and include water fun in family your agenda. If you are staying in the cities of Athens or Thessaloniki, both located by the sea, you can incorporate some days of water fun with sightseeing and culture. You can also consider taking a sailing trip for one or more days to the islands nearby Athens. Our 2 Day family sailing trip to Kea island and the Family Day Trip to Aegina island combine Athens with the islands and is a great way for families to spent quality time together.

6. Explore the great Greek outdoors

Greece may be known for its beaches and islands, but it is a mountainous country. With high, rugged peaks covering 2/3 of the territory, Greece is ideal for hikers, bikers and trekking enthusiasts. You can also go bungee jumping on one of the many bridges in mainland Greece and Crete. Central and Northern Greece, as well as the Peloponnese and Crete, are ideal for mountain biking for families vacations. There are also many islands that combine sea and sun with activities in nature.

Athens bike tour for families

7. Obsessed with sports and the Olympic Games

Kids and teens have a lot of energy. Being at the birthplace of the Olympic Games is an excellent excuse to tap into that overabundance of energy and put it to good use! Top favorite activity for teens in Athens is the Olympic Games Workout Family Olympics Activity. During this fun day in Athens, you will learn more about the Olympics, how ancient Olympic athletes trained and what techniques they used. You will also visit the impressive marble stadium in Athens, known as Kalimarmaro, where the first modern Olympic Games of 1886 were held. Let your teen run the track and celebrate your family’s victory! Families who wish to travel further and extend their Olympic Games experience can include a Visit to Olympia with the family. Here you can show your teen the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

8. Join a Mythology Tour 

Visiting museums and archaeological sites can be dull for teens so try to find sites that will trigger their interest. Find interesting tours with guides specialized to a younger audience, for example, our Percy Jackson Mythology Family Tours, that take you through the Acropolis in Athens, the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion, the sanctuary of Delphi, the Minotaur’s Labyrinth in the Palace of Knossos or to the cave of Zeus in Crete.

Percy Jackson Mythology Family Tour

9. Get your hands dirty

A fun way to get your children and teens interested in a new culture is through food. Take advantage of the many culinary tours and cooking lessons available in Greece and get your hands dirty while learning how to cook new dishes. What better way to remember your vacation than to reproduce that special dish at home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavors. Expand your teen’s taste buds by exploring the local markets and enjoy an adventure of all your senses.

10. Shop local

A visit to Greece inevitably includes souvenir shopping. This is your chance to show your teenagers local Greek craftsmanship. Greece is famous for its leather goods. Leather sandals, for example, are a great souvenir, and they don’t take too much space in the suitcase. You will find many artisans in small boutiques in the main villages in islands or in the center of the cities. Nowadays, young Greek designers have set up trendy souvenirs stores with modern and innovative gifts that will surely seduce teens. Items such as tote bags, colorful tees or key chains are the new hip souvenir.

11. Rent a villa with some friends on an island

There are many advantages of self-catering accommodation for your family holidays. You are free to do pretty much anything you want and can alternate nights out with home-cooked dinners and barbecues. If you plan to visit Greece with friends who have children of the same age, a vacation home may be accommodation. Teens will not be bored and have company at the pool, beach and during an afternoon shopping spree. Renting a home in Corfu, Rhodes or renting a holiday villa in Crete is ideal because you can choose a location near a bigger town, teens will not feel isolated away from civilization.

villa rental in Greece

12. Get social and consider a resort 

Make your life easier and pick a family resort with tennis courts, swimming pools, a water park or a teens’ kids club so that your teenagers can socialize with other youngsters in a safe environment. Parents can relax at the pools or spa knowing their kids are in safe hands and have the time of their life with other teens on water slides or at sports.

Porto elounda resort KidsLoveGreece.com accommodation

13. Escape Room

Escape rooms are very popular amongst teens and a great way to keep them entertained and excited. In a country like Greece with nice weather all year round, why not join an Outdoor Escape Game?! This Kids Love Greece Escape Room activity takes place at the maze-like streets of Anafiotika, a historic neighborhood in Athens. Teens and parents will love exploring this picturesque part of the city while solving puzzles and playing games.

Escape Room Outdoor Kids Athens Anafiotika

14. A trip to Meteora

Meteora is one of the most impressive parts of Greece and especially suitable for an outdoor adventure with teens. Who will not like watching the impressive rock formations and the dazzling cable car rides?! Families with teens have the choice in a variety of tours such as the Meteora Family Hiking Tour and the Meteora Sunset tour. Meteora is a unique destination in Europe and the world and definitely bucket list material for adventurous teens.

15. Sailing Adventure

Greece is an ideal country for boating and spending time exploring the beautiful Greek coastline and islands is something that is especially suitable for older children. Kids Love Greece offers family sailing day trips and longer sailing adventures at many destinations in Greece. If you are based in Athens, we recommend sailing along the Athens Riviera or sailing to the islands near to the Greek capital. But we also have plenty of exciting sailing trips around the Greek islands, both in a small group or on a private boat, such as sailing in Milos, Mykonos, Santorini or West and East Crete. Have a look at Sailing under our themed trip section for a large choice in sailing trips around Greece.

16. Day trips from Athens

For teens who want to be on the move and see a lot of different places, we recommend planning a day trip from Athens. Besides day trips by boat to the nearby islands, you can also opt for a day trip by private vehicle to Cape Sounio, Delphi or the Peloponnese. The Peloponnese, in particular, offers several important archaeological and historical sights and monuments such as Ancient Olympia, Mycenae or Epidaurus. Kids Love Greece has created a number of themed day trips to this area of Greece focussed on mythology and on the books of Percy Jackson.


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  • Knowing their teens have a great holiday

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