Family Sailing Trip from Crete to Naxos – 11-day Package

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate family adventure, and set sail from Crete to Naxos! 11 days of sailing, exploration, and fun visiting the Greek islands of Crete, Dia, Santorini, Ios, Sikinos, and Naxos. This is where history, natural beauty and myth combine.


11 days


Heraklion Dia island Santorini island Ios island Sikinos island Naxos island

What is included

  • Dinghy, outboard and snorkeling equipment
  • Accomodation on board
  • English speaking certified skipper
  • Visits to various sites with a professional guide


Starting from
per person

Discover the Journey day by day

Day 1: Embark and relax on board

Embarkation on the yacht at Heraklion old Venetian port at 17:00. Spend some quality time with the family on board and let the waves rock you to sleep!

Day 2: Visit the Palace of Knossos and sail to Dia island

After visiting Knossos, the home of the Minotaur, in the morning, the boat sets sail for the small island of Dia. Dia is part of the European Network of Nature (Natura) 2000 that lies around 6 miles northern from Heraklion. Here, the boat stays overnight, before departing for Santorini in the morning.

Day 3: Sail to the volcanic island of Santorini

Set sails quite early in the morning heading Santorini. It is a reasonably long passage to Santorini, and the kids will have plenty of chances to keep their eyes open for dolphins who occasionally surf the waves by the side of the boat. As the boat approaches Santorini, everyone can dive into the waters and enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate.

Day 4: Visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri and explore Santorini island

On day 4, there is an excursion to the archaeological site of Akrotiri, and time to explore the incredibly pretty villages of Santorini and the famous Caldera. The evening sunset is not to be missed.

Day 5: Visit Ios island and enjoy its crystal clear water and calmness

In the morning of Day 5, the boat sails towards Ios, and weighs anchor in a secluded bay where everyone can enjoy swimming in the blue waters. Ios is the island where Homer, the famous ancient Greek poet of Iliad and Odyssey, is buried. The boat carries a variety of snorkeling equipment, so the kids can have great fun spotting colorful fish swimming underneath them.

Day 6-9:

During days 6 to 9, the boat sails between Sikinos and the islands known as the Small Cyclades. It is this part of the world that gave birth to the ancient Cycladic civilization over five thousand years ago. The time will be spent exploring pretty bays, enjoying the views, swimming, and visiting small beaches ashore.

Day 10: Explore the beautiful island of Naxos and visit the temple of Apollo

The final day of sailing is the voyage to Naxos, the most family friendly island of the Cyclades complex. Visit the beautiful small villages of the inland and savour the famous cheese and wine of the local producers. In the evening take a relaxing family walk in the Venetian old town and feel its magical atmosphere. Don’t forget to capture your family moments in front of the famous ‘Portara’, the amazing temple of God Apollo.

Day 11: Relax on the boat's deck and recall all the beautiful family moments of the previous days!

After spending the last night on the boat in Naxos port, it is time to say farewell to the skipper, as this magical family sailing tour comes to its end.

Highlights for Parents

  • A chance to visit some of the ‘big name’ islands of Greece, as well as many smaller ones the average tourist will never hear of, much less see
  • A unique sailing trip that perfectly mixes relaxation with adventure, culture and fun
  • A trip that the entire family will talk about for years to come

Highlights for Kids

  • Plenty of chances to enjoy the crystal clear waters, swim and snorkel
  • The possibility to see dolphins when sailing
  • Find out about life on board a boat
  • Ask the skipper nicely, and he may show you how to steer the boat!