Family sailing trip to Balos-Gramvousa in Crete – 3-day Package

Sail from Chania in Crete across beautiful waters to the magical Bay of Balos. Enjoy swimming and diving in paradise, before sailing to the Pirate Island Gramvousa and hiking to the centuries old Venetian castle. This is a three day sailing trip the entire family will enjoy. A great combination of sea, sun, culture and endless fun for the whole family.


3 day family sailing trip



Balos lagoon


What is included

  • Dinghy, outboard and snorkeling equipment
  • English speaking certified skipper
  • Breakfast, dinner, light lunch



Starting from
per person

Discover a pirate island and spend unforgettable moments with the family

Spend three days on a sailing trip from Chania in Crete, and experience unparalleled breathtaking beauty whilst having fun with the family. This sailing trip allows plenty of time to play in the water, soak up some sun, admire the coastline, and enjoy life on the gentle sea waves.

A fully equipped yacht and English speaking skipper will take you from Chania in Crete and sail westwards along the Northern coastline.


Highlights for Parents

  • A unique family sailing trip that everyone will enjoy
  • The perfect mix of sun, sea, sand, culture and fun
  • An opportunity to introduce their children to life aboard a boat

Highlights for Kids

  • Lots of time to swim and play in the water
  • See how a boat is steered, and ask the skipper if you can try!
  • Find out about the pirate history of the area

What to expect

A family-friendly skipper will make sure parents and kids alike have a fun and enjoyable trip. You will see the stunning beauty of the Cretan coastline, learn some of the history of the island, and experience life living aboard a yacht. The hours spent swimming and snorkeling will create memories that last a lifetime, and after the trip, your kids might become inspired to have their own sailing adventures when they are older.

Discover the Journey day by day

First Day: Ancient site of Diktynna and Balos lagoon

During the first day, there will be opportunities to go snorkeling, visit the ancient site of Diktynna, and indulge in some great food. The final destination for the first day is Balos, one of the most scenic bays in the world.


Second Day: Balos lagoon

Waking up the next morning to see the bay in all its glory is an experience you will always remember. Ease into the day with breakfast, before taking an excursion ashore. Stroll through the stunning Balos lagoon area, visit the cavern, and enjoy the sight of Agios Georgios. The area has caves and other places for the kids to explore, and of course a great beach area. This is a perfect day to spend soaking up the sun and playing in the warm waters.

Third Day: Gramvousa

On the third day, the boat sets sail to Gramvousa, otherwise known as the Pirate Island. The skipper will recount many tales along the way, and on arrival, you can hike up to the Venetian castle itself. Take as many photos as you can, before boarding the boat once more, and sailing back to Chania.