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Christina Q. and family ( 2 adults + 2 kids aged 9 and 12)

5 stars
About Private Day Trip to Mycenae and Paleomiri

"Kids Love Greece was amazing and went so far beyond our expectations! "

We wanted a day trip from Athens to Mycenae and we wanted to visit a small town where my husband's grandfather had been born and to show our kids. That's the amazing part , as all we had was the name of the town and an old photo. Katerina planned everything and even called to find out if there was a local coffee shop in the town that might know about this long lost family home. While unsuccessful in advance, our amazing guide was patient and once in the town took the photo we had and found the house and talked to the neighbor who confirmed family members still lived there and kept a note for them. This Christmas we got a letter from our Greek cousins! No ordinary tour company would have taken the time to help us with our amazing quest! Highly recommended.

Katerina from Kids Love Greece

Dear Cristina, WHAT A STORY! Honestly, stories like yours, who have such an impact on people's life, have been the engine behind what we do. Our mission is to create amazing family memories in Greece and it seems that our mission was accomplished for your family. We are truly honored to be part of it. Cheers to many more trips to Greece! Thank you and all the best.

Date published 05/07/2017
We had the BEST time - we will be back! We loved it. Sailing was the most fabulous experience, both the skipper and chef were the kindest and most lovely creatures. I have SOOO much love for your beautiful country!! 5 stars
Hannah and family (2 adults and 2 kids, 13 and 10)
Thank you so much for the recommendation!!! The guided tour was outstanding, amazing!! We are enjoyed it very, very much!! So beautiful and so well explained by the Guide. We loved it!!! 5 stars
Mariu and family (2 adults and 2 kids, 12 and 9)
We are having a fantastic time! We have loved everything we have done! It’s pushed my kids to do things they said they would never do and they have loved every minute of it! I think we gave struck up a good balance of activities vs relaxing! And the meals included have helped tremendously. Thanks for all your hard work. 5 stars
Amanda and family (2 adults and 5 kids, 13,12,10,8,5)