Hydra crystal blue sea waters
A Family Day Trip to Hydra from Athens
sea view of Hydras harbour and canon
Three Greek Islands in One day family friendly cruise Athens Saronic kids love greece activities Hydra
Poros island port
Poros island saronic gulf Greece KidsLoveGreece.com
Aegina island port and temple of Apollo Greece KidsLoveGreece
Poros Three Greek Islands in One day family friendly cruise Athens Saronic kids love greece activities
sunchairs at Aegina beach
Aegina island port
Aegina Three Greek Islands in One day family friendly cruise Athens Saronic kids love greece activities

Experience Three Greek Islands in One Day

Many visitors to Greece planning to see the mainland attractions such as Olympia, the Acropolis, and Delphi, find they run out of time to visit the Greek islands. With a ‘Three Greek Islands in One Day’  family-friendly cruise from Athens to see however, it is now possible to get a taste of the idyllic Greek island life during a day trip.

The family-friendly cruise from Athens visits three islands in the Saronic Gulf. The three islands included on the cruise, are Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.

Hydra is perhaps the island the kids will love the most. As soon as the boat arrives, you will be able to see the donkeys waiting by the docks. You can choose to have a donkey ride around the narrow streets of the town, feed them, or simply have your picture taken with them. They make it feel as though time has stood still on the island, which to a certain extent it has. The entire island only has three vehicles on it!

The island of Poros has another feel to it entirely. Whilst many people choose to take the walk up to the clock tower, parents with young children might prefer to spend their time walking by the dock edge. Here, you will be able to see fishermen casting lines, repairing nets, and the colorful anchors and buoys attached to the boats. Kids always have plenty of questions, and so you can be sure they will come away from the island having learnt a lot about fishing boats!

Aegina is the third island on the day cruise from Athens. Here, you will take a bus up to the ancient Temple of Aphaia, one of the best preserved temples in Greece. Your guide will be able to show you on a map how a triangle is formed by this and two other temples on the mainland. If there is time, the tour on Aegina will also stop at the Monastery of St. Nektarios, one of the biggest in Greece. The pistachio sellers outside will always let the kids try some nuts for free! Afterwards, everyone will board the boat once more, and the Captain will set sail for Athens.

Depending on the time of year, you might witness a glorious sunset on your way back, making a perfect end to the day.

Do not miss the great opportunity to experience Thee Greek Island in One Day!

Families should know

  • This is a full-day private cruise in a motorized to see three Greek islands, so younger children may become tired at points
  • Some parts of the tour such as the bus trip may cost extra
  • A pushchair / stroller designed for rougher ground will be more suitable for the cobbled streets on the islands.
Address: Hydra, Poros, Aegina islands, Argosaronic Gulf, Greece

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Kids will love

  • The donkeys on Hydra
  • The pistachio nut sellers and pistachio ice-cream!

Parents will love

  • A helpful crew that can assist with taking the stroller on and off the ship
  • The gorgeous views of the coastline and islands on this family-friendly Greek island day cruise
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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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