Anafiotika Plaka Family Scavenger Hunt Escape Kids Family Greece
Anafiotika Plaka Family Scavenger Hunt Escape Kids
Escape Room Outdoor Kids Athens Anafiotika
Anafiotika Family Scavenger Hunt Escape
Anafiotika Family Scavenger Hunt Escape Kids
Anafiotika Family Scavenger Hunt Escape Kids Family Greece

Outdoor Escape Game; Solve the Anafiotika riddle

    Solve the Anafiotika Riddle, is an outdoor escape game adventure in the streets of Athens. Unlike any other escape room game, this is a unique year-round outdoor escape game adventure for families who visit Athens.

    Instead of being locked in a room, you will be solving riddles and puzzles while walking and exploring neighborhoods such as Plaka and Anafiotika in the historic center of Athens. Here is a bit of a teaser of what you will be asked to do…

    A Greek grandpa has always loved Greece and especially his little island in Cyclades called Anafi. After the devastating WWII, among the debris under the Rock of Acropolis, he found pieces of an old dashboard! Could that be the mystery riddle based game that his ancestors brought back from their island Anafi to the capital of Greece?

    Let’s follow grandpa’s grandchild and search together in the old part of Athens for the hidden clues to solve the mystery of what Greece is all about! During this fun, engaging and hands-on activity. your family will:

    • Learn all about the history of magnificent landmarks
    • Hike under the Rock of Acropolis
    • Take amazing Instagram photos 
    • Enjoy the breathtaking views
    • Have some food stops for snack/ refreshments
    • But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Families should know

    • Departure Point: Voulis Str., Syntagma
    • Return Point: Ancient Agora – Plaka
    • Includes multiple stops (Plaka, Anafiotika, the First University of Greece and Ancient Agora).
    • Duration: around 3hrs
    • Ideal age: 8+
    • You will not enter any archaeological sites
    • There will be stops for snacks and refreshments
    Address: Anafiotika and Plaka

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    Kids will love

    • The suspense and mystery!

    Parents will love

    • The amazing views
    • Exploring Plaka and Anafiotika


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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Hi, We are bringing our son and his family (2 kids 8 and 11) to Athens the 4th of April to the 11th of April.

      We do a tour in a European city each year so they look forward to the Easter break.

      Your tours look great. I would like to arrange a few but it would be private with 4 adults and 2 kids. Are your tours set up for this?

      • Dear Lani,
        Thank you for your message. Almost all of our tours are private and we would love to help you pick up the most suitable ones for your family.
        One of our team members will contact you via email tomorrow, Monday, Jan 6th.
        On behalf of the Kids Love Greece team.

    • We took the Outdoor Escape Game and we got to see the hidden gems of Plaka while we had tons of fun solving the amazing puzzles.

      • Vanco, we are very proud of you being able to solve the mystery during the outdoor escape experience! It is not easy .. :-) We wish you all the best!

      • Steven, your feedback means so much to us. We are so happy that your grandchildren loved the tour with Kids Love Greece.

    • Our family loved this activity. This is a fun scavenger hunt/amazing race like activity which actually is pretty challenging. We would highly recommend this for kids who like puzzles and scavenger hunts.

      • Vibha, we can not thank you enough for your kind words. Looking forward to your next family adventure in Greece.


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