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See Athens by Bike

    See Athens by Bike – Family biking activity in Athens is our brand new activity for kids. Can you think a better way of exploring the city?

    See Athens by Bike

    If your family is looking for a fun way to see Athens, this private family Bike Tour is for you. Fully customizable, we can create a route which takes you around the main historic sites, stops at a local coffee shop, and reveals some hidden secrets. Our guides are keen to share their knowledge of the city, and will make sure everyone has a good and safe time.

    First time in Athens?

    If you have never visited Athens before, we offer a suggested biking route around the heart of Athens. The route uses quiet roads and traffic-free areas, and our guide will make sure to avoid steep uphill sections. The biking is led at a nice relaxed pace, ensuring there is plenty of time for photos, and to soak up the atmosphere along the way.

    There is also an option to use tag-along option for younger kids that are not so experienced with cycling.

    A typical route designed with cyclists of average fitness and experience in mind includes:

    • Riding through the National Gardens
    • Cruising around Plaka and Monastiraki
    • Circling the Acropolis
    • Passing by the Ancient Agora and Panathenaic Stadium

    During the tour, our guide will share insights into life in Athens as well as explaining some of the stories and history surrounding the city.

    We’ve also got some nice touches that the kids will love. They can draw their name in Greek on ceramic and cast their vote like an ancient Athenian, find their way through a maze, and enjoy a game related to Pythagoras Cup story! And of course, they will also learn a myth about Athena & Poseidon and how goddess Athens became the patron goddess of the city!

    The bike tour is a wonderful way to see some of the major landmarks and attractions of the birthplace of Athens, and something the kids will remember forever.

    Suggested Customizations

    Our aim at Kids Love Greece is to provide you with unique family experiences by working with passionate locals. This is why we can suggest some customization options for your family Athens Bike tour.

    Perhaps you have an interest in street art? We can include a route that passes by some of the most outstanding examples.

    Do you want to visit the best places for souvenirs? Our guide can take you there.

    This biking tour is a great way to see the highlights of the city, and experience Athens from a unique angle. Available all through the year, it’s suitable for kids who are used to biking and preferably from ages 8 or higher. If you have younger kids, there are seats available that adults can adjust on their bikes (up to 25 kgs).

    Other Family-Friendly Activities in Athens

    Are you staying in Athens for more than a day, and would like suggestions of other things to do whilst there? We have a great selection of handpicked activities. Please contact the Kids Love Greece team for more information, and we can help plan your perfect Greek vacation.

    Families should know

    This bike tour is designed for the average cyclist. We do not cycle on busy streets and we
    avoid difficult uphill parts.

    The bike tour is suggested for families with kids over 7 years old

    There is a tag along option available for younger kids that are not so experienced with biking

    Address: Athens Centre

    Check availability

    make your reservation now CREATE UNIQUE MEMORIES

    Kids will love

    • Biking in a new country!
    • The ice cream and all fun games involved

    Parents will love

    • Biking on traffic free and quiet roads
    • Seeing Athens from a different perspective
    • Talking to the guide about life in Athens
    map Explore the map

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • We would be in at the for 4 days and would love to plan a family biking tour. We have a 4 years old and a 6 years old… they both know how to ride their bikes without training wheels for almost a year now (so they are good bikers as far as kids go!) what are the best options you have for this family of 4?

      • Dear Sahiry,
        thank you for your message. We would love to help you out. One of our trip planners will contact you via email.
        Katerina, On behalf of the Kids Love Greece team

    • They were very responsive and the tour was awesome! The guide was especially concerned with our children, and made sure we were all comfortable and enjoying ourselves!!

      • Thank you so much for leaving such a nice review about our tour. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are very important to us and it means so much to us that you found the tour awesome and kids really enjoyed themselves. Thank you.

    • The bike tour was adjusted for our kids needs and they loved writing their names in Greek on the stones.

      • Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased that you liked the bike tour and the Greek handwriting… Greek alphabet is complicated but this souvenir is a great memory for the kids.

    • We are planning to go to Athens in October. We love biking through cities with our kids. Our question: do you happen to have Dutch speaking tourguides?

      • Dear Valerie,
        we cannot agree more with you that biking is a great way to see a city! We do work with a company that offers tours in Dutch. We will email you the info. Looking forward to welcoming you to Greece1
        Thank you,


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