The Gorge of Saints, a Family Hiking Adventure

Hike through the historic gorge before emerging at the crystal clear waters of Mediterranean Sea in the unique beach of Agiofarago and discover your spirit of adventure!

We shall be transferred to the south area of Heraklion and walk through the impressive gorge of Agiofarrago (Gorge to the Saints) to reach a wonderful beach accessible only on foot or by the sea. On our way to the beach we shall visit the chapel of Agios Antonios and the cave – house of a monk, a local hero during the revolution of 1866.

At the beach we shall have enough time to relax and swim, and even try a rock climbing – rappelling activity (optional, upon request). Just dare to do it and you will be amazed of what you can achieve!!! We shall be able to climb at least two climbing routes. On our way back we shall be impressed by the view of a natural lagoon connected underground with the sea!

Families should know

  • Easy/Moderate level. This walk is suitable for anyone in good health and normal fitness
  • The activity can be adjusted to include a rock climbing activity upon request
  • Please bring your daypack, trekking or sport shoes, water bottle, hat, sun cream, sunglasses, swimming suit and small towel
  • Price includes professional family friendly guide and all necessary equipment for climbing (plus one water bottle per person)
Address: Gorge of Saints, Aggiofaraggo

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Kids will love

  • Swimming and playing in the beach
  • Exploring a unique natural environment and the caves of the gorge
  • Trying new skills in nature

Parents will love

  • Taking pictures in this visually striking gorge & beach
  • Swimming at crystal clear waters
  • A fun and adventurous activity with the kids
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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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  • Excellent service – Maria was able to answer all of questions and offer a number of good choices for our family. She also did some research on our behalf to see if activities were in or out of season. We had a fabulous time on our selected activities and the guides we were with were excellent with our 5 children (ages 15-7). Would definitely recommend!

    • Dear Ben, we are extremely happy that your family has such a memorable experience in Crete, the island of our hearts – apologies, if we sound biased.. :-) Please do come back and we promise to you even more memorable experiences for all and each of you! All the best!

  • We did rock climbing and rappelling with two very patient and helpful guides. This was by far the over all highlight of the trip. Every single one of my kids tried rock climbing and loved it. Even when it was hard, or they slipped, they still gave it a 100%. It was a proud parent moment for sure.

    • Amanda, rock climbing is not easy so you have every reason to feel proud of your kids. We wish you all the best and hopefully we will have you back to Greece one day soon!


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