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Is Delos Worth Visiting?

We are about to visit Mykonos for our 2022 summer vacation. Would you suggest a visit to the archaeological site of Delos for a family of 5?

Absolutely! No visit to Mykonos would be complete without visiting the nearby island of Delos, and seeing the remains of an incredible ancient civilization. During a visit to Delos, you will have the opportunity to explore a breathtaking UNESCO World heritage site, first inhabited over 5000 years ago.

Delos is an ideal destination for a family daily trip of exploration, full of mystery and fun, that will certainly enrich your holidays with great memories and knowledge.

In addition to a family day-trip to Delos, you might want to consider other family tours on Mykonos

One idea for a pleasant afternoon trip is a visit to a local farm on Mykonos which might appeal to the kids. Another, is a hands-on family cooking class, where you can learn to cook traditional Greek dishes, and enjoy tasting the results!