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Ports in Mykonos - Arrival

Hi Kids Love Greece. I'm John and I'm going on a cruise with my family that stops in Mykonos for a few hours. I see that Mykonos has two ports - the Old and the New - and I'm not sure which one we will call at. We would like to reach Mykonos town to stroll around and spend some time shopping.

Hello John Thank you very much for your question. I understand why you are confused. This is a common problem for cruise passengers in Mykonos. The issue is that cruise ships usually do not find out until the day before whether they will be arriving at the Old Port or the New Port. So, as we suggest, you can have a plan for both ports. If your cruise ship arrives in the Old Port, small tender boats will ferry you ashore to the Old Town of Mykonos, so there is no need for transportation. If your cruise ship arrives at the New Port, the easiest and fastest way is by a Sea Bus. The first one leaves at 8 am and there is one every 30 minutes. The ride takes 15 minutes. For more information, contact us at