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Where can we test for Covid-19 in Athens?

Where can we test for Covid in Athens? Do we need to book an appointment?

When it comes to PCR testing, almost all private hospitals, clinics and biolabs do tests. In most of them you do not need to make an appointment, you just go and tell them you want to be tested, fill in the paperwork and wait to be tested. Results are usually out within 24 hours, if not sooner.

The biggest network in Attica is Bio Iatriki ( ).  

There is also  Euroclinic (, Kentriki Kliniki Athinon ( as well as Genotypos among others. 

There is also a testing site at Athens International airport both for arriving and departing passengers -

Moreover, all hotels in Greece should have a partnership with a hospital or clinic for testing, it is part of the health protocol established in 2020. 

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