Running in Plaka, Athens © Running in Plaka, Athens

Athens for Runners: a Running Adventure in the Historic center

    If you’re visiting Athens with your family but still miss your daily jog, our Athens for Runners activity is perfect for you! Or if you’re thinking of getting into running but haven’t made up your mind yet, then Athens can be the perfect starting point for being more active!

    You will experience Athens in an immersive, active way, perfectly blending physical activity with seeing Athens from a different perspective, away from the usual tourist paths. Accompanied by a local, CRP-certified running leader, you will run through the hidden alleys of Plaka, and connect with Athens’s heartbeat on a more intimate level.

    Running Athens Tour
    Running Athens Tour

    Whether you’re an experienced runner or not, don’t worry – the running tempo will be adjusted to the group’s level, ensuring everyone is enjoying the experience. The urban trail you will follow is carefully selected for all activity levels while ensuring that you’ll have the chance for unique photos & Instagram moments!

    Running in Athens's historic centre

    This activity isn’t designed to replace your regular guided tours in Athens’s archaeological sites & museums, but rather to offer you the chance to experience the city in a dynamic, amazing way. Get your running shoes, and prepare for the perfect morning start in the city!

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    Kids will love

    • Being active in the city
    • Seeing & exploring the city’s hidden alleys
    • Having fun with the family

    Parents will love

    • Experiencing Athens from a unique perspective
    • Creating unique family memories


    • Kids should be accompanied by an adult
    • It’s recommended not to have a meal before your run
    • The tour is not recommended if you face heart issues, strain injuries etc
    • The full trail is 6-8klm long
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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