Democracy Time -Travel: A Family Adventure in the Pnyx Hill, Athens | A 1.5 hours Activity

    Get onboard on a journey into the heart of ancient Athenian democracy with our engaging and educational activity at the historic site of Pnyx. This interactive workshop offers a hands-on exploration of the true history of democracy, allowing your family to step into the shoes of a voting Athenian.

    Pnyx, 2500 years ago hosted the Athenian Public Assemblies and was the birthplace of democracy. This small-group activity is a truly engaging experience. Under the guidance of our facilitator, you and your kids will engage in dialogue and role-play activities, exploring both the bright and dark aspects of the ancient political system. 

    Using unique replicas of ancient Greek objects such as the Clepsydra (Waterthief) and the Ostracon (Ceramic voting disc), you’ll have the opportunity to practice the democratic process yourself, speaking and voting just like a true ancient Athenian. This interactive approach provides an enjoyable way to understand how the Athenian government used to operate.

    This less than two-hour workshop is suitable for adults and teenagers over 12 years old and offers stunning views of the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, and the Parthenon Temple, creating the perfect backdrop for memorable photos. 

    Families should know

    • The activity takes place daily.
    • There will be a 300m uphill walk in order to arrive at the Pnyx speaker’s platform, which could be physically demanding.
    • As this workshop takes place at a Historical site, involving Heritage and Cultural aspects, all participants are required to respect ethics, law, and respectful conduct etiquette (soberness, cleanliness, photo/video shooting, dress code, loudness, etc) and be respectful and polite during the entire session.
    • You will use 1 Ostrakon per person and the Water Thief (a ceramic water-timer, a unique replica of the ancient object).
    • The transfer from/to the meeting point is not included.
    • The activity can be arranged on a private basis as well upon request. However, we highly recommend you take this activity as part of a small group.

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    Kids will love

    • The replicas of ancient Grek objects
    • Discussing about democracy
    • The views of Pnyx

    Parents will love

    • The opportunity to practice the democratic process
    • Understanding how democracy worked in the ancient world
    • Discovering the historic Pnyx
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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