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Family Athens Family Tour

    During this 3 hour Athens family walking tour you will discover Athens’ city center and feel its pulse from a local’s perspective. You will experience a unique combination of culture, history, city life, and Greek food tastes and aromas.

    A local guide will meet you at Syntagma Square and will accompany you throughout your walk. You kids will be impressed by the famous Evzones, also known as Tsoliades, guards of the Unknown Soldier’s Monument in front of the impressive building of the Hellenic Parliament. If you arrive on time, you will have the opportunity to attend the official changing of the guards. Don’t forget to take a photo of your children standing next to an Evzona.

    Evzones soldiers at Syntagma square

    Plaka, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Athens will be your next stop. Walk around its numerous pedestrian streets and admire all the beautiful neoclassical buildings. The numerous picturesque cafés and restaurants along the way fill the atmosphere with vivid colors and appetizing flavors. Your local guide will help you discover many hidden spots and reveal the area’s historical secrets.

    Socialize with the local merchants at Adrianou street and get a real taste of the Greek temperament! Make sure there’s some room left in your suitcase for all the amazing souvenirs you are going to find at Adrianou street. Your kids will have lots of fun trying to find the perfect keepsake to take back home.

    Harry Potter Athens Kids Love Greece Tour

    Leaving Adrianou street, through a beautiful walk, you will find yourself at…“an island under Acropolis”! Anafiotika neighborhood, with their tiny houses and whitewashed stairs, will make you feel as if you were on a Greek island. Enjoy a cup of traditional Greek coffee in one of the areas beautiful cafés and gaze at the breathtaking view of the Acropolis. Now it’s the perfect timing for you to grab your cameras and capture all these unique family moments.

    Athenian Hills and Hidden Anafiotika Family Tour activities for families kids love greece guided tours Athens

    After relaxing at Anafiotika you will continue your family walk at Dionysiou Aeropagitou street the so-called “grande promenade” of Athens. Your local guide will walk you through a hidden shortcut and enchain you and your family with various, fascinating stories from the Greek mythology. Watch your step… an ancient Roman house might suddenly appear below your feet! You will now have the opportunity to admire some of the most imposing houses of the city and walk with your kids along the road where the famous Panathenaia Games were held in ancient Greece.

    The ancient Roman Market, an archaeological site of great historic importance, will be your next stop. You will visit some of the great monuments of the area including the impressive library of Adrianos. In just a few minutes you will find yourselves at Monastiraki Square, one of the most vivid and distinctive neighborhoods of the city. The famous Flea Market of Monastiraki with its peculiar shops and friendly street vendors with colorful handicrafts is not to be missed! Buy a pair of traditional Greek sandals for each member of your family and add to your wardrobe an ancient Greek touch.

    Monastiraki market walkers

    The time has come to taste Athens’ city life. Psiri neighborhood, one of the most alternative corners of Athens, is the ideal place for you to experience Athens as a real insider! Impressive street art, traditional bakeries and local restaurants, offering delightful wine and savoring delicacies are everywhere around you. This is your chance to mingle with the locals and for a moment become Greeks yourselves! We cannot think of a better way to end this great family walking tour, can you?

    Families should know

    • This is carefully designed walking tour for families and a perfect introduction to Athens for first time visitors
    • You will have the opportunity to visit five of the most historic neighborhoods of Athens: Syntagma square, Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki and Psirri
    • Athens can be hot, especially during summer months. Make sure you bring some sun lotion, hats as well as suitable footwear
    • Though there are plenty of kiosks along the way it is recommended that you bring water, juices and snacks
    • You will be accompanies by a local expert guide, who will share with you invaluable historic details and the main aspects of city life in Athens
    Address: Athens, Greece

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    Kids will love

    • Watching the official changing of the guards at Syntagma Square
    • Finding the perfect keepssake at Adrianou street
    • Listening to fascinating stories from the Greek mythology
    • Exploring the Flea Market of Monastiraki

    Parents will love

    • Admiring the neoclassical buildings at Plaka
    • Socializing with the local merchants at Adrianou street
    • Enjoying a cup of coffee at Anafiotika, under the shade of the Acropolis
    • Experiencing Athens from the inside at Psirri neighborhood
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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