Greek Mythology Tour on Wheels: A Scenic Drive in Naxos

    Embark on a captivating half-day excursion to experience the wonders of Naxos, known in mythology as “the playground of the gods.” Immerse yourself in the myths that embrace renowned monuments and the rare beauty of the Naxian countryside, an ancient land whose secrets come alive through storytelling and amazing taste sampling.

    Our exploration begins at the sanctuary of Dionysus, the ancient god of wine, nestled amidst olive and fig trees, and vines. Here, your expert guide unfolds the love story of Dionysus and Ariadne, and the harvest celebrations and wine banquets held on this sacred ground. Continuing our adventure, we embark on a panoramic drive through the picturesque countryside and arrive at Dimitra’s Sanctuary. This sacred site houses a marble temple dedicated to the ancient goddess. Here, you’ll delve into the mysteries and rituals held in her honor, learning the myth of Persephone and the symbolism associated with the changing seasons.

    As we drive through the Tragea Plain, home to the island’s largest olive grove with centuries-old olive trees, we will reach the unspoiled village of Kaloxylos, where your amazing tour will end with a tasting of the island’s precious goods – olive oil, cheese, wine, and honey – a fitting tribute to the gods and a sensory celebration of the Naxian rich heritage.

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    Families should know

    • The tour is suitable for all ages
    • It is recommended that you bring a water bottle and wear comfortable shoes
      Address: Naxos

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      Kids will love

      • The Fascinating Stories of Greek Mythology
      • The real meaning of the myths

      Parents will love

      • The interesting discussions with our expert guide
      • The impressive archaeological sites
      • The spectacular views!
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      Best season to visit

      • summer
      • autumn
      • winter
      • spring
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