Fun Family Biking Tour in Mykonos | Private 3 hour Tour

    Are you ready for a unique, kid-friendly adventure? On this biking tour designed for families, you will have the opportunity to discover the unique landscape and hidden beautiful paths of Mykonos. If you’re an active family, this is by far the best way to explore the non-touristy parts of Mykonos!

    Explore Mykonos with Kids on Two Wheels

    The child-friendly biking tour will take you through the flat countryside, which is mostly flat with only occasionally hilly terrains.

    Along the road, we’ll make a stop at a traditional private church – a chance for you to experience the rustic religious traditions of Mykonos.

    We’ll continue our ride onwards, making our way down to a spectacular beach. Kindly note that half of the trail is on earth road, but it doesn’t present any danger or difficulty.

    Before arriving, we’ll have a small stop to admire the unique landscape – perfect for panoramic photos.

    Afterward, we’ll finally arrive at the spectacular beach of Fokos, where you can swim.

    Do not forget:

    • Your camera and make sure to photos as you coast down downhill, before you reach Fokos Beach.
    • Your swimsuit! Taking a splash at Fokos Beach is a must!
    Fokos Beach Bike Tour for families in Mykonos

    Difficult Level = Low

    The route of this bike tour is flat. That said, due to the morphology of Mykonos, it is not possible not to have some slightly hilly parts while biking.

    In addition, half part of the trail is on earth road, but it is safe with no challenges.

    Want more challenge?

    If your family has some prior experience with biking and want to use your advanced skills, you have the option of following a shorter but more challenging route which is uphill.

    This more challenging route leads to Myrsini beach, a quiet sandy beach with greenish, shallow waters. It is located less than 1 km from Fokos beach.

    Contact our team for more information.

    Combine it with a picnic or even a wine tour!

    For even more fun, you can include a picnic on the beach, with local and traditional flavors of Mykonos. The picnic on the beach will be the best ending to an amazing outdoor family activity!

    In case you would like to have the picnic on the beach add-on, the duration of the bike tour will be 4 hours!

    Picnic Fokos beach family bike tour

    Another add-on offered is a wine tour and meal in an organic farm! Time to gain back the calories you lost during the bike tour!

    Contact our team for more information about both add-ons!

    Contact us

    Families should know

    • The duration of the tour is 3 hours (with preparations) and the riding time is 1hour and 30 minutes.
    • If you would like to have the picnic add-on, the total bike tour duration will be 4 hours
    • The distance is 9 km (5.60 miles)
    • You will have a short tutorial (before the ride), and will be given bottles of water, helmets and headbands
    • The guide will have a first aid kit and repair tools
    • We do offer different itineraries depending on your comfort level
    • There is an option of an e-bike
    • Minimum age for toddlers on the bike seat, is 9 months old, provided the child can support the neck & head on his/her own. Maximum allowed weight is 15kg (roughly for a 3yo child)
    • You can enjoy the ride with a bike trailer if you have a very young child. The maximum (total) weight of the kid(s) is 35kg (roughly for kids aged 2-9)
    • There is no maximum age limit for adults, provided their physicians allow such a type of exercise
    Address: Mykonos

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    Kids will love

    • Exploring the island of Mykonos on a bike (or e-bike)
    • Swimming in the sandy beach of Fokos
    • The landscape and the fantastic photos you can take

    Parents will love

    • The church you will visit and the cultural discussion with the guide
    • The peaceful side of Mykonos
    • The optional picnic on the beach or wine tour
    map Explore the map

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Ciao! My family plus another family (10 total = 5 adults, 5 teens/children) will be in Mykonos for the day from our MSC cruise on Wednesday, 27 March. We would love have bike and beach time on Mykonos as a family! A real highlight would be picnic and organic farm for the kids if that could be included. Non of us drink alcohol and we live next to a vineyard in Italy, but farms are always interesting! Also, my parents will be with us and would prefer e-bikes. We would love to arrange a tour for our two families with you! Please contact me at your earliest convenience. WhatsApp +1 7194641496 or [email protected] Grazie!

      • Hello Natali! Thank you for your request in Mykonos. It;s great to travel with another family! We are sure that you will enjoy spending time in Mykonos. Please note that Zoe has already sent you an email. All the best by the Kids Love Greece team!


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