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mykonos catamaran sailing family
mykonos catamaran sailing family
Delos lions archeological site
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mykonos catamaran sailing family
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Mykonos Sail The Greek Seas!

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    Full Day

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    • Small Group

    Welcome aboard on our amazing day and afternoon Mykonos Family Cruises!

    These are four of the best family cruises you can enjoy from Mykonos:


    This day cruise takes in the three islands known as the ‘Cycladic Sisters’ – Mykonos, Delos, and Rhenia. Departing from Mykonos in the morning, the first destination is the island of Delos, considered to be one of the most sacred in the ancient world.

    On arrival at the island, passengers have the choice of disembarking and exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delos with its ancient city and temples (highly recommended!), or staying on board the boat, and swimming in the waters instead.

    Leaving from Delos, the next destination is Rhenia, which is an uninhabited island. This is a perfect destination for snorkelling and swimming, and the kids are sure to love their time here!

    Finally, the cruise returns to Mykonos after a full and exciting day. You will have visited two beautiful islands, one UNESCO site, and had an amazing day swimming in incredibly clear waters.

    Delos archeological site
    Delos – 03


    This day cruise is more suitable for families with older children. The day begins by departing from Mykonos, where the boat sets sail for Delos. This is a unique UNESCO World Heritage site, where the remains of an ancient city complete with temples and an amphitheater can be seen. The boat remains at the island for 2 hours, before continuing on.

    The next destination is a series of great beaches and clear waters, where it is time to relax and have some fun. Guests on the cruise are encouraged to dance and enjoy themselves as the boat sails past landmarks of the Mykonos coastline such as Ornos beach, Psarou, Super Paradise, Platys Gyalos and Elia. Adults can enjoy the cocktails, and the kids can enjoy plenty of chances to swim and snorkel, before the boat finally heads back to port.


    This afternoon cruise is more suited to families with older children, as it is based around enjoying a party on board a boat! Starting from Agios Ioannis beach, the boat sails by some of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Greece, passing by and stopping at popular places such as Ornos beach, Psarou, Super Paradise, Platys Gyalos and Elia.

    The emphasis is very much on having fun in a unique setting! Adults will love the cocktails, and there are plenty of opportunities for the kids to take a swim and snorkel.


    This short evening cruise is an ideal way to see the island of Delos from a unique perspective and to enjoy the views as the light slowly fades away. The sunset as seen from the sea at Mykonos can be quite stunning, and it gives the entire experience a great deal of atmosphere. Witnessing the changing colors of the ruins at Delos, and sailing back via ‘Little Venice’ is something the entire family will remember for a long time to come!

    Families should know

    • Day cruises are being offered on a shared basis
    • Day cruises include lunch and drinks on board
    • Afternoon and Sunset cruise includes snacks and drinks on board
    • Ask us for detailed itineraries for each cruise!
    • Day Cruises start and end at either Mykonos New Port or Mykonos Old Port
    • Afternoon cruise starts and ends at Agios Ioannis Beach
    • Strong winds, especially in August, may affect departures
    Address: Mykonos island, Cyclades, Greece

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    Kids will love

    • Swimming and snorkeling in clear waters
    • Sailing on board a boat, and perhaps seeing dolphins!

    Parents will love

    • The chance to see beautiful Greek islands from the sea
    • Being able to choose a cruise most suited to their families needs
    • An opportunity to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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