Olive Grove Adventures: A Family-Friendly Exploration of Olive Oil Tasting and Dairy Delights

    Join us on a captivating journey into the heart of Greece’s rich history and culture with our family-friendly olive oil tour in Mesogaia, Attica.

    Imagine your little ones wide-eyed with wonder as they discover the secrets of the precious “liquid gold”. In the world of Ancient Greece, where people associated olive trees with the goddess Athens, they referred to olive oil as “great medicine”

    This unique experience takes place in Mesogaia, Attica, where high-quality extra virgin olive oil is produced.

    This family-friendly tour is designed for the curious minds of children and combines education with entertainment. Your little ones will take part in interactive activities, such as olive oil tastings and hands-on experiences in the olive groves in the outskirts of village Kalivia. Join us on an unforgettable tasting adventure with Greek products. Discover the journey from tree to table with us!

    Families should know

    • The tour includes a dairy visit for brunch (cheese or spinach pie and a traditional rice pudding)
    • You will taste three or four extra virgin olive oils paired with local products
    • Olive oil workshop where you will learn to evaluate olive oil and distinguish its aromatic & and tasting characteristics
    • At the end, you will get a complimentary bottle of extra virgin olive oil (100ml) and  you will taste a glass of Savatiano, the local wine variety
    • The kids will receive an Olive Oil Activity kit

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    Kids will love

    • Tasting the extra virgin olive oil
    • Learning about the hostory of Greek olive oil
    • The activity kit

    Parents will love

    • The olive oil workshop
    • Exploring Mesogaia and Attica
    • The brunch
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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