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Percy Jackson Tour of Olympia – Greek Mythology Day Trip from Nafplion

    Ancient Olympia was the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and is ideally visited as a day trip from Nafplion. During this Percy Jackson tour, you will find out all about the Olympics, relive some of Percy’s moments there, and even have the chance to take part in your own family Olympic running race!

    Ancient Olympia Percy Jackson Tour

    Ancient Olympia is an impressive archaeological site located in the western Peloponnese, and this private full-day family tour from Nafplion enables you to see the best of it. Our friendly guide will meet at your hotel, and then you will be taken in a luxury vehicle towards the site. Along the way, you will gain an appreciation for how wild the countryside must have been in ancient times – It is easy to see why myths and legends sprang from the ground in this place! As with all our Percy Jackson tours, you will learn about Greek mythology as well as the region you pass through.

    On arrival at Olympia, our guide will lead you through the site, explaining the customs and rituals behind the games. For example, did you know that the Greek city states would often have a period of truces with no fighting or wars when the games were being held? This was so that the athletes could all travel there safely. The site must have been a magnificent place to visit thousands of years ago, and it is still inspiring to this day!

    Percy Jackson Tour Olympia

    For fans of the Percy Jackson books, it will be an interesting experience seeing where Percy and his companions fought against Nike, after issuing a challenge which claimed that Adidas was better than Nike! Anyone with an interest in athletics will also love discovering how the athletes lived, trained and competed alongside each other. You can even race each other on the original running track at Olympia!

    After visiting the museum with the amazing Metope of Hercules and his 12 Labors, and fully enjoying the day in the company of our engaging guide, it is time to start the drive back to Nafplion. It’s certainly been a full day, but one everyone will remember for long to come.

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    You might also be interested in some of our other Greek mythology tours to other parts of Greece. If you are staying in Athens, then our Percy Jackson Tour to the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum is a wonderful experience, as is our Percy Jackson Tour of Delphi. If you are visiting Crete later on during your vacation, then our Percy Jackson Knossos Tour is by far the best way to see this Minoan palace. For more information on our Percy Jackson package tours, check our Percy Jackson Theme Tours today.

    Disclaimer: The Percy Jackson tour to Greece and its promotion are not sponsored by Rick Riordan or Disney*Hyperion and they specifically disclaim any legal obligations or responsibilities for the tour.

    Families should know

    • Fully licensed, kid-friendly guide
    • Luxury vehicle
    • Entrance fees not included
    • Lunch not included
    Address: Ancient Olympia

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    Kids will love

    • Seeing the place where Percy fought Nike!
    • Learning about Greek Mythology like the Labors of Hercules
    • A running race with the rest of the family!

    Parents will love

    • Visiting the birthplace of the Olympic Games
    • Seeing the incredible metopes and statues in the museum
    • The engaging way our guide keeps everyone’s energy high throughout the day
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Hello, we will be in Archae Olympia on the 13th and were wondering if you had any availability for a Percy Jackson tour of the site? We would not need transportation as we have our own but we would love a guide who could bring the site alive for our two boys.

      • Dear Aryn,
        Thank you so much for your interest in our Percy Jackson Tour of Olympia. Maria Giannouli has alraedy sent you an email with all the information. Looking forward to your response.
        Maria Tsigoni


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