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Private Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos

    This Private Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos is an activity tailored just for you and your family!  Charter your own boat in Mykonos, and set sail for the day!

    traditional wooden boat with an experienced Captain, suitable for up to 8 people, is ready for you. This makes it an ideal choice for a large family who would like to see a different side to Mykonos at their own pace.

    Whilst the day is fully customizable, we have a number of destinations we strongly recommend. The first suggestion, is to visit the sacred island of Delos, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you were to take a shared tour, you might only be able to stay on the island for 2 hours. By chartering your own boat though, you can stay for as long, or as short, a time as you desire. This really helps you to make the most of your visit there!

    The next suggestion, is to include a visit to the uninhabited island of Rhenia. This is a perfect destination to swim in clear waters, and you would have full use of the snorkelling equipment on board. You can also try fishing here or in other areas, as the boat will also include access to fishing gear.

    Part of the joy of sailing, is to soak up the great views of the coastline of Mykonos. During this Private Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos we can organize an itinerary which gives you the best photo opportunities, in addition to visiting some of the most popular and more secluded beaches of the South Coast.

    Finally on the way back, you can witness a wonderful sunset. Many people like to see the ruins on Delos lit by the sunset, whilst others prefer the sights of ‘Little Venice’. Whichever you choose, you will be sure not to be disappointed!

    For a list of our other family friendly activities in Mykonos, take a look hereFamily activities and day trips in Mykonos.

    Families should know

    • This is a fully customizable private family cruise
    • Avoid the ‘party boats’!
    • Private guide is also available
    • See the best of Mykonos from the sea
    • Food, drinks, equipment, and entrance fees can all be included
    • This is really the perfect family sailing adventure!
    Address: Mykonos island, Cyclades, Greece

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    Kids will love

    • Swimming and snorkeling
    • The chance to see dolphins!
    • Sailing on the boat, and (perhaps!) being able to steer it
    • Spending a fun and exciting day out with their family

    Parents will love

    • Enjoying the a day cruise with their kids
    • Being away from the party boats
    • A great chance for family bonding
    • The experience of a lifetime
    • Visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site
    • Customizing the cruise to their family’s specific needs
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • I will be visiting Mykonos on a cruise stop with my parents and 2 yo son. Is your private family sailing trip something that can be done on a cruise stop? Can I get more information?

      • Dear Rebecca,
        Thank you for your email. I believe that Maria from our team has already contacted you via via email.
        The team

    • Hello, we are on Mykonos from June 12th (night arrival) to June 15th. We are interested in a half day sailing trip on June 13th or June 14th, weather permitting. Not sure of wind conditions next week?
      Thank you so much!

      • Hello Joanna! Thank you so much for your interest in our Private Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos. This is an amazing activity in Mykonos. You will definitely have a great time as a family. Maria has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best.


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