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Visit Akrotiri Site + Pottery Wheel Workshop | Family Private Experience

    This is a private experience at one of the most important sites of Santorini. You will explore the famous excavations of Akrotiri with an expert guide. Learn more about the Minoan city that lay buried for centuries after the volcanic eruption and experience the highlights of the Minoan civilization at your own pace!

    During our Santorini Private Tour at the archaeological sites of Akrotiri, you will be able to stroll around the semi-crumbled, multi-storied buildings guided by an archaeology-expert guide, and view the frescoes, pottery and other relics as you hear how life would have been here hundreds of years ago. Of particular interest is the ingenious drainage system that testifies to the sophistication of the engineers of the time.

    Your children will be amazed by all the stories about Akrotiri’s links to Plato’s Atlantis, an ancient city that was said to have disappeared after the Greek gods were angered!

    After Akrotiri, you will visit a local pottery workshop where the kids will learn how to make their own pots in the tradition of the Minoans!

    Families should know

    • The duration of the tour is 1 1/2 hour
    • The duration of the Pottery Workshop is 1 hour
    • The total duration is 3 hours
    • Private transportation from and to your accommodation is included in the tour
    • We can also arrange a Santorini Private Family Tour in Akrotiri without the Pottery Workshop and without transportation
    • Not included: personal expenses, entrance fees
    Address: Ancient Site of Akrotiri, Sanrorini, Cyclades Islands

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    Kids will love

    • Understanding how people used to live thousands of years ago
    • Listening to fascinating stories about Atlantis
    • Creating their own pottery masterpiece

    Parents will love

    • Visiting one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece
    • Learning more about the history and civilization of the Minoans
    • Spending quality fun time with their kids
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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      Hello, we are about to visit Santorini (July 1st up to July 5th 2021). We are a greek speaking family and would be interested in arranging a Santorini Private Family Tour at Akrotiri without the Pottery Workshop and without transportation

      • Mrs. Dimitriou thank you for your message. Maria Giannouli has already responded to you via email about our “Guided Visit to Akrotiri and the Pottery Workshop”. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hello
      I would like to get more information about this family activity

      • Hello Anita! Thank you so much for your interest in our Santorini, Akrotiri and Pottery Workshop. This is one of our favorite activities in Santorini. You will definitely have a great time as a family. Zoe has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best, on behalf of Kids Love Greece.


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