grape harvest Greece
grape harvest Greece
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Wine Making and Cooking Lesson Family Experience in Crete

    If you are looking for a unique activity for the entire family, this day long Wine Making and Cooking Lesson Crete Family Experience has it all. Available only between August 25 and October 10, we offer the opportunity to enjoy traditional rural Cretan life, which has remained little changed for centuries. During the day, you can pick grapes, stomp them, learn about wine-making, enjoy an authentic Cretan meal, find wild herbs, and join a cookery class to make your own sweets. Did we mention there would be wine tasting as well?!

    The day starts with a Greek coffee, and a drive up into the wild looking Cretan countryside, where the destination is a picturesque traditional mountain village. Here, you will visit a family owned vineyard where the once-in-a-lifetime experiences begins! Grapes can only be picked at certain times of year if the best wine is to be produced, and your hosts will explain why, along with other facts about wine culture.

    You will have the chance to pick your own grapes, and then use the traditional method of stomping them. This is great fun, and a little messy at times! Be sure to roll your trousers or shorts up before you start! Depending on the time of year, you may also have the chance to see how wine is produced, stored, and perhaps even bottled. You will of course be offered plenty of wine to sample!

    This unique cultural experience is about bringing people together, and there is no better way than by sitting down together to enjoy an authentic Cretan meal. Made from locally sourced produce, you will soon come to realise why Greek cuisine in considered to be one of the best in the world!

    Other activities throughout the day, include looking for herbs, learning about life in Crete, meeting the locals, and even a cookery lesson. The entire experience is one that you and your family will remember for a lifetime. Remember to take plenty of photos of the grape stomping!

    Families should know

    • Via joining our Wine Making and Cooking Lesson Crete Family Experience you will spend a day off the usual tourist trail
    • You and your kids will really enjoy experiencing rural life
    • During our Wine Making and Cooking Lesson Crete Family Experience you will have the opportunity to learn all about winemaking
    • Wine Making and Cooking Lesson Crete Family Experience Crete is available as a group of a private tour
    Address: Chania,  West Crete, Greece

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    Kids will love

    • Grape picking and grape stomping!
    • Exploring the vineyards
    • So many different, tasty things to eat!
    • Creating unique “stomped” T-shirts

    Parents will love

    • A day that is fully planned with plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied
    • The chance to get a deeper insight into local culture
    • A once-in-a-lifetime experience
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Hello,
      Is it possible to take a course in winemaking ? We are 2 persons with no children. If it would be possible please let us know and in which time of the year would it be convenient to take such a course?

      • Adil, it is so great to hear back from you. We had received this past summer your request for cheese making and I was really sorry to hear that you had to cancel your plans due to COVID19. So we more than excited that you already make plans for 2021. I have already replied to you by an email regarding the wine making experience in Crete. Thank you for all your trust.

        Maria from Kids Love Greece Team

    • Can you please send me some information for the tour. Thank you

      • Hello Alexandra,
        Thank you for your interest in our Wine Making and Cooking Lesson Family Experience in Crete. Maria Giannouli has sent you all the details in your email about this fantastic rural experience. Looking forward to hearing back from you,


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