5 Reasons why autumn is a great season to visit Greece

    Summer may be the most popular season to visit Greece, but autumn is the ideal time to dive deeper into the country. Whether you’re seeking urban adventures, cultural immersion, or agritourism experiences, Greece is waiting for you!

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    Greece in Autumn

    Autumn is a fascinating season in Greece. The long hot days of summer finally fade away, the leaves turn to red and gold, and harvest time for grapes and olives begins. Whilst the seas can be warm enough to swim in until the end of October or even November, Autumn is really the ideal time to experience Greece on a deeper level. Here’s 5 reasons why you should visit Greece this autumn:

    1. Kids Will Love Agrotourism Experiences

    There is no better time of year than Autumn in which to experience agritourism in Greece. With grape and olive harvests, raki and wine making, olive oil production and more, you can visit farms and small holdings all over the country to see first hand how food in Greece is produced. Your kids will love helping out on the farms they visit by taking part in activities such as harvests, animal feeding, and even wine stomping! Find out more about family agritourism activities in Greece by contacting the team at Kids Love Greece.

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    2. Urban Adventures

    The autumn months are a time when all sorts of events are created in the main cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. Museums may hold special exhibitions, there are festivals and parades such as Oxi Day on October 28th, and a sense of creativity hangs in the air. We think this is the best time of year to explore urban Athens and Thessaloniki, as the temperatures are much cooler.

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    3. Santorini at its best

    Santorini is now officially a year-around destination, but autumn is significantly quieter than summer. The months of October and November are perfect for seeing the island’s main attractions, and experiencing the magnificent sunsets without the crowds! Accommodation prices are generally lower during this time of year as well. Find out more about family vacations in Santorini here.

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    4. Outdoor activities

    Greece is a really underrated destination when it comes to outdoor activities, which is a shame, as it is a paradise for outdoor adventures! If you would prefer an active family vacation in Greece, autumn is the time to visit. The temperatures are ideal for activities such as hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and kayaking. The ultra-fit might even want to consider taking part in the Athens Classic Marathon – This long distance running event took its inspiration from here, after all!

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    5. Sightseeing without the crowds

    The main tourist attractions in Greece, such as the Acropolis, Delphi, Knossos, and Meteora have significantly fewer visitors during the autumn months. This has two benefits. The first is that you will feel less rushed when visiting them, and be able to better appreciate them. The second, is simply that your photos will have fewer other tourists in them! After all, you want every family vacation to be a memorable and unique experience, especially when visiting the birthplace of Western Civilisation!

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