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The 11 Best Greek Beer and Local Breweries

    Greek people love to live their lives to the fullest, while at the same time, they enjoy everything in moderation, including alcohol. Wine and beer are the most popular alcoholic drinks, how which is the most popular? The answer is … it depends! Greeks prefer a frozen bottle of beer (or bira in Greek) over wine when it comes to hot summer days.    

    The First Greek modern brewery in 1840!

    For hundreds of years, Greeks have enjoyed drinking beers. To be more precise, the first modern Greek brewery was created in 1840. The first king of Greece, Othonas, and his followers wanted a piece of their homeland, Bavaria, and beer proved to be the best reminder. 

    Since then, many Greek enthusiasts have built their breweries, and many local startups have succeeded. From Crete to Thessaloniki and from Kefalonia to Chios, there is an enormous amount of local breweries.

    So, What are the 10 best beers in Greece right now?

    Picking your favorite beer isn’t easy, especially in Greece, where there is such a variety. However, there are some well-established breweries like Fix, the first beer in the country, Alpha, Mythos, and some foreign brands such as Amstel and Heineken. Although all of these brands are extremely popular, they can be found in many places worldwide.

    On the other hand, there are some unique, local breweries in Greece that have built an excellent reputation, and Greeks love them. If you are a beer enthusiast, we encourage you to visit some of those local Greek breweries with your family as it can be fun and educational at the same time.

    The Best local Greek breweries in the Greek islands 

    Santorini: The Donkey Brewery

    The Donkey is the most popular beer of  Santorini, created in 2011. It utilizes the salty water of Santorini, some particular types of malt, and rare kinds of hops for a unique outcome. There are various Donkey beers like the yellow Donkey, the red or crazy Donkey, and many others for you to try on your next trip, available in most mini-markets and cellars.

    You can also visit the Donkey Brewery in Santorini when you travel to Greece to explore the production process and try all the different Donkey beers.

    Yellow donkey
    Yellow Donkey Facebook

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    Tinos: The Nissos Brewery

    The Nissos is one of the most famous local beers in Greece. As a small brewery from the Cyclades island of Tinos, it has won many distinctions in less than ten years. It was created in 2012, and after only 15 months, it won the Silver European Beer Star. 

    All Nissos beers have a unique aroma and rich taste, mainly due to the slow brewing, the natural carbonation, and the fact that they are unpasteurized. You can find the Nissos beers in many supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and at the Nissos Brewery in Tinos, where you can also have a guided tour.

    Nissos Brewery
    Nissos Brewery Facebook

    Crete: The Solo Brewery

    In Crete, numerous local breweries create tasteful beers. However, the Solo beer stands out due to its wonderful aroma and unique flavor. In 2017, the Solo brewery won the gold medal at Barcelona Beer Festival for the Solo Porter beer.

    You can find the Solo beers in selected spots all over the country. Nevertheless, if you choose to visit Crete, you can always take a tour at the Solo Brewery, taste all the different types of beers, and decide which suits you better.

    Solo Brewery
    Solo Brewery Facebook

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    Paros: 56 Isles Beers – The Microbrewery of Paros

    The Microbrewery of Paros was founded in 2014 on the Greek island of Paros and produces two beers, under 56isles brand name.

    The first beer launched in April 2016 is the 56isles Light Pilsner, a light blonde beer. That Pilsner beer is based on barley grown on Paros, benefiting from the microclimate of the Parian nature.

    The second product is the Aegean Wit, which resembles in taste the Belgian Wit. The Aegean Wit has a light straw color, as it based on unmalted wheat from Paros, blended with aromas of citrus and local spices.

    56-isles-beer produced in Paros
    Corporate website of 56Isles

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    Corfu: The Corfu Brewery

    The Corfu beer was released in 2006, and since then, it is one of the top local beers in Greece. The Corfu Beers are fresh, unpasteurized, and unfiltered. Due to their unique selection of malt, barley, wheat, and hop, these beers gradually became extremely popular.

    If you travel to Corfu, make sure to visit the Corfu Brewery and get to know all the unique beers and the special ingredients they include.

    Corfu Beer
    Corfu Beer Facebook

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    Rhodes: Magnus Magister

    The Magnus Magister is one of the oldest small breweries in Rhodes, as it was founded in 1980. This local brewery has only two types of beer. However, both Magnus and Knight beers are astonishing, offering a robust and unique aroma and a rich flavor.

    The Magnus Magister Brewery has many collaborations worldwide, with restaurants and hotels where you can find the beers and taste them.  

    Magnus Magister
    Magnus Magister Facebook

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    The Best Greek Local Brewery Close to Athens

    Craft Brewery

    The First Craft Brewery is the first microbrewery in Greece, created in 1997. The Craft is a special brand that combines pure ingredients with small production and traditional recipes.   

    You can find all the Craft beers in numerous markets, but mainly near Athens. The Craft microbrewery gave many Greek people inspiration to start their own small business in the brewery world.

    First Craft Beer
    First Craft Beer Facebook

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    The Best Greek local breweries in Northern Greece

    Vergina Brewery

    The Vergina Premium Lager is the first 100% genuine greek beer created in 1998. Since then, the Vergina Brewery has grown a lot and today counts many different types of beer, like the Vergina red, Weiss, Black, and many others.

    In 2017 Vegina brewery inaugurated a new visitors’ center where guests can take a guided tour and learn everything about their favorite beer. So, if you plan on visiting Northern Greece, don’t forget to visit this fantastic brewery.

    Vergina Beer
    Vergina Beer Facebook

    Siris Brewery: Voreia

    The Voreia was created a few years ago in Serres, Northern Greece. The beer’s founders combined high-quality ingredients with a unique recipe and tried to make a beer characterized by its rich aroma and freshness. Throughout the years, the Voreia brewery has produced a variety of beers.

    The Voreia beer from the Siris Brewery has spread all over the country, and you can find it at many supermarkets, liquor stores, restaurants, hotels, and bars. In fact, someone can also find it in other countries in Europe, the USA, and Australia.

    Voreia Beer
    Voreia Beer Facebook

    The Best Greek local Brewery in Central Greece

    Euboea: The Septem Brewery

    The Septem Brewery was founded in 2009, in Euboea. Their aim was to produce a fresh unpasteurized beer with a unique flavor and strong aroma. They have developed a variety of beers and different types.

    Since its foundation day, the Septem beers have won many awards in numerous competitions all over the world. The brewery also has an e-shop, where you can make your order in no time.    

    Septem Beer
    Septem Beer Facebook

    Best brewery in Peloponnese

    Argos: The Zeos Brewery

    The Zeos Brewery originated in 1998 in Argos. Zeos is a premium greek beer with no artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. All the Zeos beers are high-quality, as they combine the most refined grains and hops with Peloponnese’s artesian water.

    The Zeos beers have an excellent reputation as they have won awards in many competitions. Apart from the brewery’s website, someone can also try these beers in many Peloponnesian restaurants.  

    zeos beer
    Zeos Beer Facebook

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    The beer choice is YOURS! 

    What is the best Greek beer is subjective and you might struggle in your decision of which beer to try first while in Greece! The good news is that all local greek breweries have done a fantastic job in creating some world-class beers. The choice is yours!  

    Best season to visit

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    • autumn
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    • Your list is not complete without 56 Isles beer brewed on Paros. We have a home on Paros and know the owners. We live in Long Island, New York and can now enjoy get it at a few of our favorite restaurants in the area as well as Franks Beverages, a local retail distributor. They have a Pils sold in a striking blue bottle, as well as An IPA, a Wit and a Lager.

      • Dear Michael, thank you so much for sharing the information about the 56 Isles Beer brewed in Paros. We just added the 56isles beer to our list.
        All the best, The Kids Love Greece team


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