Family Vacations Greece

Here’s why Greece is a great destination for family vacations

    We believe that Greece is one of the best countries in the world to take the kids on vacation. Here are some of the reasons why.

    Family Vacations in Greece

    Greece is a fantastic country for family vacations. Part of this comes down to the natural warmth that Greeks show towards kids. Part is the fact that Greece is an incredibly safe country to travel in. Add in great beaches, warm waters, endless family activities, and a history dating back thousands of years, and you have the perfect family travel destination!

    family vacations to greece

    Whether you are traveling with toddlers, teens, or in-betweens, Greece has something just for you:

    Ancient Wonders

    Do your kids love Greek myths and the Percy Jackson books as much as ours do? If so, they will love their time in Greece! The ancient sites such as the Acropolis, Delphi, Knossos, and the Temple of Poseidon are beautiful in themselves, but they come to life when their role in Greek myths and legends is told. Have some fun with a family running race in the stadium at Ancient Olympia, or ask the Oracle at Delphi for secrets regarding the future!

    Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site kidslovegreece temple of Apollo oracle Pytheia

    The Best Beaches

    Greece has some of the best beaches in the world, and 486 beaches were awarded the prestigious Blue Flag standard in 2017. There are beaches with calm waters suitable for younger kids, surf waters for adrenaline junkies, and everything in between. Snorkelling in the clear waters is popular with all ages, and every type of water sport is possible. If you would like to know more about the best beaches in Greece, speak to one of our team about their favourites! You can use the chat box on this webpage.

    Genuine Experiences

    You don’t need theme parks in a culture-rich country like Greece. Each day will provide new experiences, whether eating some tasty local cuisine, listening to street buskers, hiking to ancient ruins, or discovering hidden street art. Make the most of your time in Greece by using local guides who can take you deeper into the culture. The memories you create during your family vacation in Greece will be among the most precious.

    kids love greece holiday packages for families 11-day family vacation package in Greece athens private food tour

    Family Activities

    No family holiday in Greece is complete without enjoying at least one activity that you might not be able to do during your normal days. What would your kids prefer? Would they like to visit a small farm to stomp grapes into wine, try a pottery class, learn how to make traditional pies, or take part in your own family mini Olympics? The kids will never get bored when on holiday in Greece!

    Athens Family Cooking Class cheesepie greek frappe Private Experience kidslovegreece culinary workshop gastronomy tailor made activities

    Sailing Between Greek Islands

    Greece is well known for its islands. There are over 6000 of them! As you can imagine, this makes Greece a great choice for families looking for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. With choices varying from half-day sailing trips, to a 11-day epic Greek odysseys, there is no better place on earth to enjoy a family sailing adventure.

    kids love greece Cyclades family sailing trip to Kea island activities for families from Athens

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