Nymphaion village Arcturos KidsLoveGreece.com
Nymphaion village Arcturos KidsLoveGreece.com
Nymphaion village Arcturos KidsLoveGreece.com
Nymphaion village Arcturos KidsLoveGreece.com
Nymphaion village Arcturos KidsLoveGreece.com

Nymfaion – Arktouros

    Take the route from Loutraki towards the beautiful mountain settlement of Nymfaion. It might a while to get there, however the driving is relatively easy.
    At the beginning of your journey you’ll come across the deserted railway station of Agra. Stop and take a few photos as there is a definite feeling of nostalgia. You get the feeling that the station master will pop out any minute to announce the arrival of the next train.

    The scenery on arrival at Nymfaion is breathtaking as the whole village is surrounded by beech trees.

    Admire the picturesque arched wooden bridge that connects the two villas at the entrance of Nymfaion. All of the houses are well preserved and give a traditional feeling to the settlement.

    Wander around the narrow streets and head for the Arktouros Information Centre – a neoclassical building where all activities of the Arktouros Environmental Organization take place. Tickets can be purchased for the tour and film projection which is a short and interesting presentation that children will certainly love.

    Follow the signs and take the stone path leading to the shelter. The walk takes about 15 minutes. The beech trees on either side of the road create a natural golden tunnel. Once you arrive at the wooden cabin the Arktouros volunteer team will be waiting to guide you through the forest where the famous brown bears live. If you are lucky you may get to see one …. something the children will love.

    Once you finish the tour, head back to Nymfaion to enjoy a hot chocolate in one of the town’s beautiful cafes and amble through the town’s square which flies a huge Greek flag.

    By now your stomach might be rumbling. The ‘Platia’ taverna has both an indoor and an outdoor sitting area and you can sample and enjoy traditional dishes either grilled or cooked in the ‘gastra’ – a traditional pot made of clay with a lid. Don’t forget to visit the shop belonging to the women’s cooperative of Nymfaion. Here you can buy homemade delicacies, sweets, jams and pasta. It is perfect end to your day out.

    If you’re wondering what else to do while you are in the area, just take a look at ‘Aridaia-Pellas Macedonia’ in our Ideas for Excursion’ section.

    Families should know

    • If you want to buy souvenirs and to financially contribute to Arktouros’ Activities there is a shop at the Information Centre and another one at the wooden cabin which is beneath the shelter. The latter has a bigger selection. The prices are a bit high but it is for a good cause after all
    • You can purchase a day ticket that includes the tour, the film projection and the entrance to Arktouros’ shelter
    • It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes for the forest walk
    • The guided tour is not recommended for families with babies as using a pushchair would be challenging
    • Your children will not only enjoy the tour at the Information Centre but will also love the scenery at the shelter
    • Vehicles are not allowed inside the village. You need to park at the car park outside Nymfaion
    Address: Nymfaion - Arktouros


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    Kids will love

    • The stories about the life of the brown bear
    • The film projection during the tour

    Parents will love

    The picturesque houses and the mountainous beauty of Nymfaion

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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All

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