Places to Horseback Ride in the Greek Islands 

    Horseback riding in Greece is a fantastic experience that you and your family will love. It doesn’t matter if you ride like a professional or if it is your first time on a horse. The experts in this field are ready to help you create a unique and unforgettable experience while you are in Greece.

    Horseback riding in the Greek islands is a unique way not only to explore the beaches and hills but also to discover yourself. The Greeks have a long history of riding these charming creatures that participated in war campaigns, were used as a means of transportation, and played sports along with the people.

    Let’s explore together the best horseback riding tours in the Greek islands!

    The Best Greece Horseback Riding Tours in the Islands


    Crete is a large Greek island that combines both beach and mountain riding tours. It is divided into four regions: Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion, and Lassithi. It doesn’t matter which region you visit, because you will definitely find a riding club where you can enjoy a ride with your family!

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    In Chania, you can take your family on a horseback ride at Deres Horse Riding Center, an impressive farm with more than just horses. Get ready to explore the beautiful and wild region of Chania on the back of a horse! You can also book riding lessons for you and your children. Archery courses, hiking, and cooking classes are also offered.

    Age limits: 7+ years old



    Welcome to Plakias Horse Riding Center, where you can enjoy nature to the fullest while riding on the coast of Plakias, Damnoni, and Amoudi or in the breathtaking landscape and hills of the surrounding area. The horse riding center is located only 30 km north of the city of Rethymno. You can choose between 10 riding tours and a slow or active riding pace. If you also want to know how to ride a donkey, this center offers you the opportunity. On the premises, there is also a mini zoo with domestic and wild animals such as goats, deer, and more.

    Age limits: 4+ years old


    Zoraids’s Horse Riding is another brilliant option when you visit the southern side of the Rethymnon region, in Kavros. You have numerous options to choose from, so you can find what suits you and your family best. Try riding in nature on off-beaten paths, at Lake Kournas, or even on the beach. You can also opt for a 3-6 day round trip where you can explore the surroundings while doing other activities as well.

    Age limits: depending on the ride



    In Heraklion, the Riding Academy of Crete offers the best horseback rides. The rides take place in the area of Kartero, a beautiful village near the sea. You can choose to ride with your family in Kartero village, in the gorge, or on the beach! Great horseback rides are offered for families, whether you are experienced or riding for the first time. You can also enjoy horseback riding and picnics.

    Age limits: 6+ years old



    In the Lassithi region, 2 km outside the village of Avdou, you will find Odysseia Stables. Get ready to explore the rural area with its olive trees, small villages, and oak forests, which offer plenty of space for endless horseback rides. Aside from the unique views, the club here also offers complete riding vacations, trekking, trail riding, day trips, and riding lessons. If you choose one of the holiday packages, you will enjoy the experience of horseback riding with your family for more than just a few hours.

    Age limits: 4+ years old



    Santorini is one of the most picturesque landscapes, especially if you want to explore it by riding a horse! The Santorini Horse Riding Equestrians Horse Club is home to 20 beautiful horses on an impressive farm. Some of the best rides for families include explorations on the beach. They also have homemade wine that you can try!

    Age limits: depending on the ride


    The Akrotiri Horse Riding Club was created back in the ‘90s in Santorini. The two very experienced brothers own 50 horses that will surprise you on their 10-hectare farm. If you are ready to discover the unique Santorian tradition with the blue and white houses and the breathtaking landscape, do not hesitate to ride with them!

    Age limits: 6+ years old

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    mykonos -horse-club-provider-mykonos

    Mykonos combines the beauty of the Aegean Sea with the uniqueness of the island’s landscape. These are the places you will visit if you choose Mykonos Horse Club. You will enjoy stopping by the sea and taking a dip with your family while the horses are waiting for you on the beach. Experienced teachers will first let you know the basics and then you are ready to go! The club is located in the picturesque village of Ano Mera.


    Age limits: 9+ years old

    Another excellent recommendation for horseback riding in Mykonos is the Ippos Equestrian Center near the village of Ano Mera. Here you and your family will have the opportunity to explore the island of Mykonos in the footsteps of horses in nature. You can choose between many different programs, such as visiting a traditional farm with your horse or having a picnic with Mykonian delicacies. You can also take a guided tour while relaxing in a carriage.

    Age limits: depending on the activity

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    At Kokou Horse Riding Center, you will have a wonderful time with your family while riding along the coast and exploring the hidden treasures of the island off the beaten path. You can choose between sunrise and evening rides. The farm is located in Naoussa.

    Age limits: 7+ years old

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    Spetses is a fantastic destination for families, especially if you are an active family. With Greg’s Spetses Horses you can explore the wild side of this beautiful land with its forests and mountains. You can choose between many different rides so you can find the best for your family. You will explore the interior of the island and enjoy the views of the sea and the mountains.

    Age limits: depending on the ride



    One of the best places near Athens is the small island of Hydra. You can explore the beauties of the island under the guidance of Harriet’s Hydra Horses on various rides along the coast, in the valleys, or in the alleys of the city. Most of the rides are suitable for kids and adults with more or no experience. Please note that rides are not offered on Sundays, as Sunday is the horses’ day of rest.

    Age limits: depending on the ride



    The island of Sifnos is famous for its natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and traditional trails. If you decide to go horseback riding on Sifnos Island, you will have a great experience. Discover the island from a different perspective with the Sifnos horseback riding. They offer different rides – longer or shorter – depending on your needs and skill level. 

    Age limits: depending on the ride

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