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Prousos Monastery

    Your starting point is Karpenisi. The river Karpenisiotis flows fiercely between mounts Kaliakouda and Chelidona. The amazing verdant scenery with the river backdrop guarantees you a pleasant journey.
    At some point you will notice a sign that says ‘steps of the Virgin Mary’. These are some unexplained marks on the rocks that have the shape of a paw. According to hearsay the Virgin Mary passed through this point to reach the Prousos Monastery.
    Pass through Dipotama where you’ll find a kayak park, a great stopping point for families who like adventure. Shortly before the church the road narrows even more and the scenery becomes more impressive with the mountain on one side and the gorge on the other. Don’t worry though, with the help of Virgin Mary you will safely reach the monastery and be able to light a candle.

    Admire the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary which is rich in silver. Visit the small museum where personal belongings of George Karaiskakis, a famous Greek general during the war against the Turks, are exhibited. The monastery, located inside a cave, is very inspiring. The rugged surroundings will enamour you.

    Seeing as you’ve got this far we suggest you visit the village of Prousos which is quiet and secluded and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get there. Mr. Stremmenos’ exemplary butchers shop produces top quality cold cuts which have been allowed to mature naturally without a trace of preservatives. Try the “Greek” prosciutto, or the salami from the delicatessen – they are both delicious. You are free to sample whatever you like and buy from the shop.
    If the cold cuts opened up your appetite we suggest you try the ‘Ellinon Geusis’ taverna in the village. You will find everything from tripe to lamb’s intestines in olive oil and oregano.

    If you are wondering what to do next while you are in the area then have a look at our suggestions for ‘Karpenisi’.

    Families should know

    • At a certain point the road starts to continuously narrow. This is not dangerous if you drive slowly
    • The produce at the butcher’s shop is so delicious it’s worth paying a bit extra for it


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    Kids will love

    • The narrowest point of the journey – the Key – where you get the feeling that the rock will fall on your head
    • Kayak park in Dipotama

    Parents will love

    • ‘The steps of theVirgin Mary’ on the rocks
    • The lovely scenery with the background sound of the flowing river
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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