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Santorini caldera view through room window KidsLoveGreece
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family visit volcano Santorini
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    You’re planning a trip to Greece and you’ve always dreamed of visiting Santorini – how could you possibly resist? It should be such a pity to miss it! Here at KidsLoveGreece, we put together some advice to help you uncover the island’s maximum potential with your kids.

    Avoid Caldera and that part of the island. Instead, consider Kamari or Perissa. It will take you less than 30 minutes to get from these places to Caldera or Oia, where you can enjoy the gorgeous view. Although Kamari and Perissa are a little less scenic, they have more hotels with bigger pools and easier access to the beach – and, most importantly, their prices tend to be lower. Your kids will be able to find other kids to play with more easily, too.

    Be careful of the hotel you choose, as many of the hotels, especially in Caldera and Oia, are tailored to couples and newlyweds and simply do not take children because of noise problems and safety issues (cliffs and staircases).

    Take day trips into the towns in the early morning (before it gets hot and the cruise ships arrive) or in the late afternoon when the cruise ships depart (around 3-4pm).

    Find a hotel with a pool. Most beaches in Santorini have black volcanic sand which can be scorching hot under the midday sun.

    You can combine your stay with a trip to another island; there is a direct connection to Crete, Naxos and Mykonos.

    There is a small water park in Perissa, Santorini Water Park, inside the Meltemi Hotel (free for guests). The water park has 3 pools, 3 water slides, and a kids’ play area. Other interesting activities would be the archaeological site in Akrotiri and a visit to the Industrial Tomato Museum.

    Tour the volcano by boat, but don’t expect craters or lava flows. Younger children might find the trip boring, and it will be pretty hot without much shade. The half-day tour might be a better choice for kids.

    Check out Monolithos beach – it’s probably the most kid-friendly beach in Santorini, with lots of sand and shallow water. Perissa and Kamari also have pretty beaches, but the water drops off very steeply in some sections.

    Head to the beach early, before the crowds arrive and the sand heats up. We recommend water shoes for the kids.

    Although strolling through the cobbled streets might seem like a grownup activity, try to make it appealing to your youngsters. Ask them to take pictures, search the deep blue sea for dolphins, or take a notebook and crayons to draw the different colours they see during the sunset. Add some excitement with a few stories about volcanos and Greek mythology. And of course, do not forget the ice cream and crêpes!

    July in Santorini is very hot – you’ll want to avoid this month if you’re travelling with babies or toddlers. August can also be very busy. We highly recommend a visit in early June, September, or early October.

    See you in Santorini!

    Families should know

    Santorini and Mykonos are the two most expensive Greek destinations

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    Kids will love

    • Visiting a real volcano
    • Experiencing how a beach with black volcanic sand looks like

    Parents will love

    The amazing view, the view and … the VIEW!

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    Best season to visit

    • summer
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    • winter
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    • That was a good blog. We traveled to Santorini and stayed at Fira with our 11-year-old son and Our main (and only) activity was exploring along the rim of the caldera. It was great fun for the whole family .

      • Thank you Ramon for being our reader! We are really glad that you enjoyed Santorini with the family!!! Next time, we definitely recommend a sailing trip around the island … you will fall in love with Santorini … even more!


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