Meteora for families

Things to do in Meteora for families

    Meteora is famous for its incredible rock formations and the centuries old monasteries that sit on top of them. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a fun place for families to visit, and here’s just some of the things you can do in Meteora with kids.

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    Visiting Meteora as a family

    The UNESCO rated Meteora area is one of the most visited parts of mainland Greece, and for good reason. Set amid an other-worldly landscape, strange rock formations dominate the landscape.

    If this wasn’t enough, centuries ago Christian monks decided to build a number of monasteries in the area. Many of these survive to this very day, with a few of them still operating as monasteries.

    Visiting Meteora with your family combines witnessing this fascinating landscape with learning more about the Orthodox religion and the lives of the monks.

    What to do in Meteora with Kids

    There are a number of activities and things to do when visiting Meteora with kids. From visiting the monasteries, hiking, and even climbing, we’ll sure you’ll love your time there! Below, are some suggestions which may appeal.

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    Half Day Meteora Family Tour

    If you only have limited time in Meteora, or would like a brief taste of the area, our half day family tour of Meteora is ideal. Lasting four hours, you will listen to the stories behind how the monks came to settle in the area, be taken to two of the monasteries, and be shown places where the most panoramic photos can be taken from. There’s also the opportunity to visit a prehistoric cave!

    This tour does involve a moderate amount of walking. You should also keep in mind that it is not really suitable for pushchairs/strollers, as the walk up to the monasteries will go up a series of steps!

    Meteora Family Hiking Tour

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    If you are an active family who plan to stay in the area for a couple of days, this Meteora family hiking tour will definitely appeal. During a leisurely guided hike through the area, you will see magnificent rock formations, stunning views and hidden locations as you explore the landscape. Along the way, you will hear stories about the monks, resistance against the occupying Ottomans and more.

    This hiking tour in Meteora for families covers a distance of about 8 km in 4 and a half hours. As with the half day tour, it is not recommended for pushchairs/strollers.

    Sunset in Meteora

    Not trip to Meteora is complete without seeing the sunset. In fact,we recommended it  as one of the best sunsets in Greece! If you are traveling in Meteora independently, then take some time to find the best place from which to see the sunset. If you want the best viewing spot guaranteed though, our Sunset tour of Meteora is just for you!

    During this afternoon/evening tour, you will explore the area around Meteora with a guide, visit two of the monasteries, and learn all about the history of the area. At the end, they will take you to the best spot to see the sunset at Meteora, so you can take as many photos and videos as you like, or simply relax and enjoy the timeless wonder of it all.

    Are you planning a trip to Meteora in Greece with the family? Contact the team at Kids Love Greece through the chat box, and we’ll help organize your travel itinerary!

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