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Traveling to Greece with a Baby: Everything you Need to Know

    Greece is a land of baby lovers and no matter where you go, your little ones will receive an abundance of attention. You will even find that you are given preferential treatment when it comes to jumping queues or finding a table at a restaurant.

    This baby-friendly country is a wonderful place to explore and with just a few tips on how to make the most of it, you can enjoy an amazing, stress-free vacation no matter what age your baby is. Don’t be surprised if your infant gets a lot of attention from grannies and children alike, who just love to shower affection on newborns and make a fuss of them.

    This amazing country offers a wide range of options for travelers, from the ancient city of Athens to the picturesque islands of the Cyclades and the legendary island of Crete. While you may think that visiting the capital to experience its vibrant cultural heritage could be tiring with a young baby, the truth is that there are plenty of facilities and amenities to help you make the most of your stay in the city.

    From extremely well-organized hotels to welcoming restaurants and a convenient public transport system, you will be able to explore Athens at your own pace without any worries.

    When it comes to the well-known islands such as Naxos, Santorini, Rhodes or Corfu, as long as you prepare in advance and book suitable accommodation, you can have a fantastic stay and enjoy the beautiful beaches, extraordinary places of interest and delicious local cuisine with your baby and make unforgettable family memories. 

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    Wherever you go, it is best to have a lightweight stroller that also reclines and can be easily carried to give you greater mobility. You will also need to make sure that it has a sunshade, especially if you are visiting in the summer months, to provide protection from the strong Greek sun. Most beaches aren’t really suitable for strollers so definitely bring a carrier with you, which will also enable you to go sightseeing and experience the many corners of the islands without any hassle. 

    Awesome Athens

    child baby in stroller Greece

    Most visitors want to spend some time in Athens to soak up the history and culture, something which is totally doable even with babies, young children, and teens in tow. When it comes to choosing your hotel, most will provide you with all the amenities you need, and you can even pre-order a cot for your baby to sleep in. If you want to be right in the center of things, there are some superb hotels in the city that are more than willing to accommodate you in their family rooms. Many even offer babysitting services for a small additional cost and feature children’s TV networks. 

    Athens is a great spot for kids of all ages and if you wish to explore it, a stroller is fine, even in the narrow streets of Plaka. You will need to have a carrier with you if you want to go up to the Acropolis as strollers aren’t allowed. The climb is also quite steep and uneven so carrying your baby is the best way to see this amazing sight. If you visit the award-winning Acropolis Museum, you will find elevators up to each exhibition floor and feeding & changing facilities, which is a big plus. 

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    The other sights and museums can be enjoyed with a stroller and you will have no problem finding a shady sidewalk cafe or restaurant when you need a time-out. Most restaurants now offer baby-changing facilities and high chairs so dining is tear-free and the inviting hospitality of the Athenians will leave you feeling completely relaxed.

    If you prefer to stay in the seaside suburbs, there are plenty of child-friendly hotels and several well-run beach resorts that offer facilities for baby-changing. The most well-known ones include Alimos Beach, Astir Beach, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Varkiza Beach Resort, and Vouliagmeni Beach. Many of these beaches also have enclosed play areas for young children and a first aid station in the case of medical emergencies, which is always reassuring.

    Island life

    It is very easy to get from Athens to the island of your choice by ferry or plane and both modes of transport are plain sailing even with a baby in arms. If you plan to catch a ferry, it’s a good idea to book with one of the high-speed lines to cut down on travel time. If you are planning to take a longer journey to Crete, for example, you can book a cabin in advance and be sure of a comfortable trip. 


    Baby Sailing sunset oia
    Sunset Oia – Santorini family-friendly sailing tour

    While Santorini is an incredible destination to visit, it is wise to choose your accommodation carefully as not all hotels are suitable for children due to their design. Having said that, there are some marvelous places to stay that cater to families with young children. With its large number of steps and narrow alleyways, Santorini is best explored on foot with baby in a carrier and there are also many boat tours you can take that are child-friendly. 


    Naxos is a large island with a well developed infrastructure where you can enjoy an authentic family vacation. Most hotels offer superb services, including cots for babies and all necessary equipment, should you be in need of anything. The island boasts fabulous beaches with clean, shallow water and some have lifeguards in operation, such as Saint George (Agios Georgios) and Agia Anna (St. Anna). Many beaches also have waterfront restaurants so you can easily find both great-tasting cuisine and shade in one spot, making leisure and eating time a seamless experience.


    Mykonos is known the world over for its party vibes and trendy beaches but it is also a wonderful place to relax and immerse yourself in its Cycladic charm. Like anywhere else in Greece, babies are welcome and the island is stroller-friendly, so you can wander around the main town with ease when it isn’t too busy. It is a good idea to book accommodation away from the hustle and bustle of the town itself and you will find some fabulous options that ensure a peaceful stay with all the childcare facilities you could ask for such as babysitting, cribs and in-room essentials.

    Corfu and Rhodes

    Both Corfu and Rhodes are used to international travelers and the standards are on a par with any other European destinations. The emphasis is on taking care of the needs of parents and children, with many resorts and private villas well equipped with all of the essentials, including highchairs, baby baths, beach toys, and even crèches and babysitting services.

    You can explore both destinations by car and enjoy discovering the wonders of each or spend your days by the hotel pool where all amenities are close at hand. Most of the larger hotels offer babysitting and nursery facilities so you can also grab some quality time with your partner, safe in the knowledge that your baby is being well looked after.


    baby boy walking on sandy beach, Crete, Greece
    Rear view of baby boy walking on sandy beach, Crete, Greece

    Cretan hospitality is founded on the family and you will feel pretty much at home on this magnificent island. There are some world-class hotels and resorts offering exceptional accommodations that cater solely to families.

    If you decide to go for this option, you will find a superb level of service designed to help you have an exceptional vacation such as nanny services, cribs, and sterilizers. Should you opt for a more independent vacation, a lot of boutique hotels and villas can provide extra baby gear for you by prior arrangement so that you have everything you need on arrival.

    As with most places in Greece, you will find that families are very welcome in all restaurants and there is a genuine sense of hospitality, with babies and children receiving a lot of attention. Greek families tend to wake up a little later to eat breakfast and sit down to dinner even later at night so you don’t need to rush around. You can go with the flow and take your time in the morning and even let your young one sleep in the stroller while you enjoy a relaxing evening meal in a beautiful setting. 

    Top tips for you and your baby

    Coming equipped

    If you are renting a car in Athens or the larger islands, you can also ask for an infant car seat at a small additional cost. In the event that you forget to bring some baby gear with you, websites such as and rent out strollers, car seats, travel cots, high-chairs, baby-bathtubs and even toys on a daily or weekly basis.

    Breastfeeding in public

    Breastfeeding in Greece is becoming more common although it’s not something that you see often. You are free to do so although, in some of the more traditional destinations, a little discretion is best. If you are intending to breastfeed at a restaurant, you can ask to be seated somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. The staff will be more than happy to accommodate you and will even rinse out feeding bottles if asked to do so. 

    Baby Formula 

    You can bring your own formula if you feel it is best, although you will also find a wide range of baby formula in all supermarkets and pharmacies. They do tend to be more expensive than you would normally pay but are there as an option if you need them. The same goes for diapers, wipes, and any other baby-related bathtime products.


    You will find a pharmacy on every street corner in Athens, while they may be more spread out on the islands. Every kind of medication is available but if your infant is taking something specific, you should bring an adequate supply just for peace of mind. Each neighborhood has at least one pharmacy that operates on a 24-hour basis and you can find out which one by checking the roster posted in all pharmacy windows. Your hotel staff will also be very happy to help you if you need assistance. 

    Hospital Care

    Rest assured that there is also 24-hour hospital care in most big towns and cities in case of an emergency while on the islands there are smaller health centers. These may not be open 24/7, which is something to consider when choosing your vacation destination. You can also opt for a private doctor and would expect to pay anything from 30 to 75 dollars for such a visit. It is also a good idea to arrange travel insurance before you embark on your trip, which will cover you if you need to visit a private hospital. 


    It is very important to make sure that your baby is fully protected with the highest UVF sunscreen that you can find. Make sure that all areas of your infant’s exposed skin are covered as the sun is extremely strong in the summer months, even if you are sitting in the shade.

    Baby love

    The Greeks simply adore babies and don’t mind showing it. You will be treated to sweet treats in bakeries and given a lot of attention by strangers, who are keen to chat to you and swoon over your little one. This is very well intended and often comes with a ftou-ftou to ward off the evil eye so be prepared, especially when a Greek granny is nearby!

    For more information about spending your family vacation in Greece with a baby in Athens, Santorini, Naxos, Rhodes, Corfu, or Crete, go to our dedicated blog page and learn all you need to know. 

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