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Villages in Potamia Evritanias

    The first village you meet once you leave Karpenisi is Korischades, a village surrounded by firs trees. Wander round the cobbled streets and admire the traditional stone houses.

    Your next stop is Little Village, split into its newer and older part. You’ll be enthralled by the older part with its picturesque ‘square’, the old plane tree, and the traditional fountain. The more modern newer part is characterised by a more structured layout and is surrounded by charming forest scenery.

    You will end up at the lush Big Village. The village is amphitheatrically constructed – a key attraction point for visitors. Though quite touristy these days it still retains the essence of tradition with cobblestone hilly streets, charming houses and shops, mansions and villas perfectly harmonised with the surrounding natural environment.

    If you have time, visit the Folklore Museum. It is interesting to look at the representations of older professions, costumes, tools, textiles and musical instruments.

    Before you leave, make sure you try the “galaktoboureko” – traditional Greek sweet filled with custard – in the tiny café of Mrs. Paraskeui. If that hasn’t satisfied your hunger then try the delicious kebabs at the Thanasis grill house.
    Are you still wondering what else to do while you are in the area? Just look at our suggestions for ‘Karpenisi’.

    Families should know

    • When you visit the Big Village park on the outskirts as the streets are quite narrow so it’s not so easy to drive around
    • All the villages which are mentioned here are not located on main roads. Follow the signs and head east and west of the river to reach your destination


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    Kids will love

    The impressive mechanism of the old clock at the entrance of the Folklore Museum in the Big Village

    Parents will love

    The freshly made warm ‘galaktoboureko’ (custard pie with syrup) sold at the Big Village

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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
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