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    Vytina is merely 190km away from Athens. This makes it a very attractive destination for families, that do not wish to travel too far to enjoy a bit of nature. And why should they? At the roots of mount Maenalo, Vytina emerges out of a beautiful landscape of wild nature.  The mountains and pine forests complete this unique setting.

    Vytinna village family SH

    The narrow sidewalks are lovely for morning and evening strolls. You will be impressed by the stone-built old aristocratic houses (petrospita), found in most streets leading to the center. There you will find many traditional shops selling unique handcrafted wooden items, souvenirs, and organic local products. If you’re there in the morning, make a stop at Laropoulos bakery. It has been baking traditional bread for over a century, and the earlier you go, the fresher it will be.

    The church of Agios Tryfon is certainly one of the most beautiful historical sites of the city. It was built in 1846 by the famous local black marble and was decorated with beautiful frescoes. The town hall, the old primary school, and the public library are also historic buildings that will help you understand the culture and history of the area. Especially the library is very interesting, as it hosts books tracing all the way back to the 19th century and the formation of the Greek republic. You can also visit the Museum of Folk Culture, which exhibits clothes, tools, and objects from the same period. The famous “Street of Love” is very atmospheric, so do include it on your walks. Many couples stroll around it, under the dense trees that almost cover the street.

    Favorite family places to eat in the center are “Klimataria” and “Tsipouradiko of Vitina”, both offering traditional food at affordable prices. Stop for a coffee and a dessert at Dryades cafe or at 1033 Grand café. The Vitina House Forest Resort and Vitina Mountain View Hotel are both very comfortable, with plenty of space for the kids and great views of nature around Vytina.

    Every year in springtime there is a honey festival where honey and other handmade delicacies are exhibited, while events and activities for children also take place.

    If you have a car, take a day trip to Maenalos and visit the ski center there. Other nearby picturesque villages worth visiting are Laggada, Dimitsana, and Vlacherna. If you are fans of walking, all streets around Vytina leading up to Mainalos are ideal for hiking and mountain biking, as they take you through the pine forest, the springs and the monasteries of the area. A monastery of particular interest is Kernitsa (less than 6km away), which was a refuge for Greek rebels of 1821 and houses a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.

    Although Vytina is mostly known as a winter destination, the nature of the area is also charming during spring and fall. In addition, these are the best times for walking and cycling, while there is also the possibility of organized ride horses in nature.

    Families should know

    • Vytina is a very popular destination and usually during the Christmas period attracts a lot of people
    • If the snow is thick, you’d better use winter elastics on your car to be safe
    Address: Vytina Arkadias


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    Kids will love

    • Playing with the snow in the central square
    • Drinking hot chocolate at the chalet of Ski Resort


    Parents will love

    • The irresistible landscape
    • The easy access from and to Athens


    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • I enjoyed your very informational piece on the historic and mountain high town known as Vitina.It has been known as the Switzerland of Greece.”Elvetia” tis Ellados”,with its tall evergreen trees the “Elata” which drape the mountain sides ,and together with the pine trees create the most healthy oxygen laden town.In fact in the olden days they were known as having the greatest sanitoriums where people with debilitating illnesses and requiring great care went there to get better.Also was the monastery in Nyphasia ,another “shouldn’t miss opportunity”.There they have the Nuns and Priests who have dedicated their lives to God and the upkeep of this historic place.there have beenstories of miraculous events ,people experiencing cures to ailments they had.Ibelieve this with all my heart,because my own mother who visited this place going up the inside of it on stairs had taken a fall on many of them and then got up like nothing happened to her,saying this was indeed the most miraculous event she would ever remember!!!For me,I had gone a few times and I loved the fall season ,so brisk the air,and walks down the Villa Vallos Road,It is indeed a very picturesque town,very memorable!!!!

      • Demetra,
        Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights about Vitina. It is indeed a very picturesque place!


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