Things to do in the Peloponnese for families

What to do in the Peloponnese, Greece for families

    The Peloponnese region is often overlooked by first time visitors to Greece, but a wealth of things to see and do awaits families who travel there. From pristine beaches, family friendly resorts, and incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites, here’s a taste of what to do in the Peloponnese for families.

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    The Peloponnese

    The Peloponnese region of Greece is often mistaken for an island, due to the fact that the Corinth canal separates it from the mainland. It is actually part of the mainland though, and could arguably be said to have been the centre of the ancient Greek world.

    Here, you will find some of the major archaeological sites such as Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Ancient Olympia. It’s a place of myth and legend – where Hercules performed 6 of his 12 Labours, where King Agamemnon ruled, and where the first Olympics were held. There is also a rich Venetian heritage, with numerous Venetian castles dotted up and down the coastline. Add on to this warm weather, perfect beaches and great food, and you can soon see why the Peloponnese deserves consideration for families planning a vacation in Greece.

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    Things to do in the Peloponnese for families

    There are really too many highlights of the Peloponnese to list in this short article, but here’s a few of the places you should consider adding into your Greece vacation itinerary. Many of these can be visited by staying at the two key towns of Nafplio and Kalamata (Costa Navarino). All of these sites can be visited independently, which is great for families planning a road trip around Greece. They can also be visited as tours through Kids Love Greece – Just contact us for more details!

    Highlights of the Peloponnese

    Some of the things to see with your family in the Peloponnese include:

    • Corinth
    • Nemea
    • Epidaurus
    • Mycenae
    • Nafplio
    • Kalamata
    • Ancient Olympia
    • Messene
    • Mystras
    • Monemvasia
    • Cave of Diros
    • Pylos
    • Methoni and Koroni Castles

    Must-see places in the Peloponnese

    We know all too well that Greece is a country that is a lot bigger than you think! This means that unless you have weeks to spare, you have to carefully select the places to see in the Peloponnese during your family vacation. Here’s a few suggestions based on 2 night, 3 night, and 5 night stays in the Peloponnese.

    2 nights in the Peloponnese

    Your accommodation for the 2 nights would be in the pretty coastal town of Nafplio. Suggested places to see would be Tiryns (which is just a couple of kms from the centre), Mycenae, and Epidaurus. The town itself is also worth spending some time exploring. Famed for its romantic feeling streets, a walking tour here reveals a nice harbour, fortifications and more!

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    3 nights in the Peloponnese

    The same as above, with the addition of a day trip to Olympia from Nafplio. Families should be aware that this is a long day, but taken as a private tour, a comfortable, fun and friendly one.

    5 nights in the Peloponnese

    If spending 5 nights in the Peloponnese, we would suggest using the 2 night plan, and then moving on to the Costa Navarino resort for 3 nights. This way, you get to see Mycenae and Epidaurus at a nice easy pace from Nafplion, and when in the Costa Navarino, have the options to visit Olympia on a shorter day trip, as well as the impressive castles of Methoni and Koroni.

    Do you have any questions about planning a Peloponnese itinerary for families? Contact the Kids Love Greece team today through the onscreen chatbox. We’d be more than happy to help, and our local knowledge will certainly give your family holiday in Greece and extra dimension!

    Best season to visit

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