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10 Reasons why you should visit Corfu with your kids

    Beautiful Corfu is one of the largest and most popular Greek islands and welcomes many visitors each year. Although the island can get crowded during the summer, it is definitely worth a visit with family. Corfu’s breathtaking nature and variety of things to do will keep you busy throughout your vacation. Here are the 10 reasons why you should visit Corfu with your kids.

    1. Excellent infrastructure

    Corfu is a well-organized island. You can fly directly from Corfu’s international airport to a dazzling range of destinations in Europe and far beyond. Good infrastructure with a road and bus network connects the airports with Corfu’s many holiday resorts and top attractions such as the famous Aqualand. Cruise ships to Corfu dock at Corfu town on the eastern coast and this port also serves as an international ferry port.

    Corfu port

    2. Large choice in family hotels

    Most of the Corfu seaside resorts are ideal for families and there is a large choice in excellent hotels, holiday villas, and all-inclusive (luxury) resorts. These resorts are great for people who love all-inclusive concepts and for families travelling with babies. If you are looking for an all-inclusive luxury beach holiday, have a look at Grecotel Corfu Imperial and Ikos Dassia. We also recommend the Delfino Blue Boutique Hotel & Spa. If your family prefers the freedom of a holiday villa, please contact us for our villa recommendations.

    Panoramic View Ikos Dassia pool beach

    3. Beautiful beaches

    With calm clean waters and surrounded by lush greenery, the endless sandy beaches in Corfu attract many families. The Ionian islands are not as windy as the Cycladic islands, making their beaches ideal for young kids.

    Paleokastritsa is the most famous beach resort, while other family beaches include Agios Gordis, Pelekas, Acharavi, Issos, and Glyfada. They are well organized with family facilities, seaside restaurants, water sports, and beach bars.

    Planning a family visit to Corfu? Have a look look at our fully customizable family-friendly tours in Corfu.

    For more info - Kids Love Greece hori

    We recommend the kid-friendly beaches on the West side of the island; Glyfada and Pelekas. The sandy beach of Saint Gordios is ideal for children, and the resort also has a good selection of tavernas and accommodations. It is not far from the airport which is great after you have been travelling with children on a long journey.

    Paleokastritsa Bay
    Paleokastritsa Bay

    4. Charming capital

    Corfu Town, the significant capital of the island, is a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful and elegant towns in Greece. Due to its strategic location, Corfu played an important role throughout history. Due to the strong influence of the Venetians, the town resembles an Italian city.

    The town is ideal for walking around with kids. They will love running through the pretty narrow streets and breathtaking squares with arches and beautiful architecture.

    old town panorama
    Corfu Old Town Panorama

    5. Historic Monuments

    Outside the pretty center of Corfu Town, you will find impressive city walls, castle-like fortifications, museums, and palaces. The most famous is the alluring Imperial Palace of Achilleion*, the retreat of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (aka Princess Sissi!). The palace is named after the famed Greek mythological hero Achilles.

    Don’t miss Kanoni, the location of ancient Corfu, the beautiful Vlacherna monastery, and the iconic islet of Mouse Island (Pontikonisi), one of the most popular attractions of the island. To discover the island’s best attractions from the comfort of a private luxury vehicle, we recommend our exciting half-day family tour.

    *September 2023 UPDATE: Achilleion will be closed for renovation. Your trip planner will recommend an alternative site to visit or an activity that will be suitable for your family’s interests.

    Courtyard of the Muses, Achilleion Palace
    Courtyard of the Muses, Achilleion

    6. Delicious traditional specialities

    Traditional Corfu food is an international fusion. Though Greek and Venetian are the strongest influences, spices from the east, cooking methods from France as well as other parts of the Mediterranean, and even the legacy of the British occupation have all left their mark on Corfu food.

    Corfu is a lush green garden compared to some other, drier Greek islands. Being an island, it also offers seafood. Famous dishes that all the family will enjoy are Pastitsado, a hearty red wine stew with pasta, Sofrito with tender veal, yummy veggie pies, steamed fish, and Sikomaida, a sweet fig pie.

    Getting hungry? Have a look at our Corfu Family Food Tour and let our family-friendly guide show you the beautiful historic city of Corfu while tasting yummy food.

    Corfu Pastitsada

    7. The stunning nearby Ionian islands

    Corfu is a great base for exploring the nearby Ionian islands and nearby areas such as Paxos and tiny Antipaxos. These islands are world-famous for their breathtaking sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise-coloured crystal clear waters, scenic landscapes, and untouched villages. Located close together, they make it easy for island hopping or for sailing from one island to another.

    With excellent marinas and safe harbours, sailing enthusiast families will have the experience of a lifetime visiting dreamy Paxos, tiny Antipaxos, or peaceful Sivota.

    Lakka Bay Paxos sailing
    Lakka Bay in Paxos

    8. Fun attractions for families

    While kids are often happy enough playing in your villa’s pool or building sandcastles on the beach, you might prefer to plan something a little more adventurous and experience something new and exciting. On Corfu, there are lots of activities that children of all ages (and parents!) will love to do.

    The island’s natural beauty, both inland and at sea a great for a bike tour, horse riding, or boat trips. There are several horse trekking schools on Corfu and local stables organize rides at the gorgeous coastline and woods. Fish spotting is great from a glass-bottom boat that leaves Corfu Town harbor several times a day.

    Corfu’s famous Aqualand water park is among the most impressive in Europe. Designers of the water attractions worked on projects for Universal Studios and Disney parks!

    The Corfu Aquarium displays a variety of Corfu’s creatures both of the island’s marine life and reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and iguanas.

    9. Interactive Experiences

    History museum Casa Parlante brings the past to life via animated figures, robotic technology, sounds, and scents and recreates bygone Corfu. Inside a beautiful 19th-century mansion, kids can see how the everyday life of the island’s 19th-century nobility used to be.

    At the Mavroudis Olive Farm, your family can learn more about the production of olive oil. A museum demonstrates the olive oil extraction process from ancient times through the present day and you can also taste the farm’s award-winning olive oils.

    10. Picturesque villages

    While Corfu Town is the most famous settlement on the island, Corfu has many smaller villages in the inland and along the coastline. Some of these villages have developed in tourism, while others remain totally untouched.

    If you’re not sure where to start from when planning your trip to Corfu, make sure to contact our travel planning experts!

    Contact us

    The picturesque village of Pelekas is built on a hill overlooking the sea. Its location is quite central and close to the town. There is free transport from the village to the beaches of Glyfada and Pelekas. The sunset as seen from the top of the hill, known as ‘Kaiser’s Throne’, is definitely not to be missed.

    Other recommend villages are Acharavi, Arilla, Nisaki, Saint Gordios, and Gouvia. Do rent a car when you are in Corfu, the island is big and it is great to explore it!

    Kaiser Throne Vantage
    Village in Corfu from the Kaiser Throne Vantage

    Families should know about Corfu:

    • Although there is local transport, we recommend you rent a car as the island is quite big and the transport is not that reliable
    • Always keep an eye on your children. The proposed beaches are child-friendly but during summer months, and especially August, a calm sea can easily become choppy due to the ‘meltemia’, a local summer wind
    • The sea is not particularly warm from May to July – at least not by Greek standards. However, from mid of August to October the temperature of the sea rises significantly
    • How to get to Corfu: By ferry from Brindisi, Venice, Bari, or Ancona in Italy, or from Igoumenitsa in Greece (8 hours from Athens). By plane from Athens or charter flight from London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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