pier of Thessaloniki infront of White tower
White tower and pier Thessaloniki
pier of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki pier at night
image © Greek ancient alike plaque at Great Alexander monument at Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki night aerial view
image © Statue of King Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki, Greece
Arch of Galerius in the center of Thessaloniki

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thessaloniki with the Family

    The city of Thessaloniki offers travelers the opportunity to make unique memories and enjoy once in a lifetime experiences. Here are nine reasons why Thessaloniki is perfect for families:

    1. Old Meets New

    Thessaloniki is a city with a great history. Its roots go back to the era of Alexander the Great. The city abounds in ancient Greek sights and mega-structures such as the Walls of Thessaloniki, which were built in the Middle Ages. See marvelous Roman jewels like the magnificent Galerius Arch, and plenty of beautiful Ottoman-influenced architecture. The White Tower, Thessaloniki’s trademark, has stood tall since the 15th Century.

    Family-friendly convenient pavements and sidewalks along the coastline offer easy access to historical sites inside the city and exploring museums or monuments is great! But Thessaloniki is a contemporary city too. It mixes history and modernity very well. Don’t miss a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

    Great ideas for family activities in Thessaloniki

    2. The sea is nearby

    Thessaloniki is a seaside city. Wherever you end up around the city, you are never far from the sea. While staying in Thessaloniki you and your family will have the opportunity to take a stroll on the pier, where you can enjoy the variety of vibrant people and colors.

    aerial view port of Thessaloniki

    3. Thessaloniki Zoo

    Located at one of the highest points of Thessaloniki, the city’s zoo guarantees a fun day for all ages. A wide variety of animals in their specially designed environments represent the main species of Greece. Inside the zoo, you’ll find the Museum of Natural History, which will absolutely amaze young visitors with its unique and engaging exhibits.

    4. Dinosaur Park

    A family visit to Dinosaur Park shouldn’t be missed! The park features include the Mammoth Museum, the Evolution Cave, Water Life Park, the Mammal Park, and much more. Hours of entertainment await and are a nice break for the city and the beaches!

    5. Explore Halkidiki

    Thessaloniki is an excellent base for exploring the Halkidiki region, famous for its natural beauty. The Atos peninsula is the home of ancient churches and the famous secluded Atos monasteries. The other two peninsulas on Halkidiki are known for their warm shallow water and beautiful sandy beaches. These beaches of Halkidiki are a great vacation destination for families with young kids.

    Halkidiki family vacation KidsLoveGreece.com

    6. Kid-Friendly Beaches

    There are several beautiful beaches located close to Thessaloniki, such as Agia Triada, Angelohori, Asporvalta, and Galaksis. Because most of these beaches are linked to shallow water zones and sandy beaches, they are a good choice for a leisurely afternoon for families with young kids.

    Chalkidiki family vacation KidsLoveGreece.com

    7. Mediterranean Cosmos

    Located just a few kilometers outside the city, the Mediterranean Cosmos is the biggest mall in Thessaloniki. Besides its endless retail shops, it boasts an 11-screen multiplex cinema, along with coffee-houses, restaurants, bars, a supermarket, and more. To maximize family fun, visit the amusement park right across the mall, or the Go-Kart pit. Kids will never forget a day here!

    8. Visit Vergina

    If you like history, a day trip to the Archaeological site of Vergina should not be missed when in Thessaloniki kids. The Vergina Museum contains some of the most remarkable ancient tomb discoveries in history related to Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, and Alexander IV, the famous conqueror’s son.

    9. Waterland Theme Park

    If you happen to visit Thessaloniki during the summer and you don’t want to spend time driving to the beaches, try out Waterland! This water theme park is located on the outskirts of the city and offers multiple pools and slides. Enjoy a day of water fun with lunch and snacks near the city!


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    Kids will love

    • The incredible waterfront
    • Amusement parks
    • Sand and Water Play at the nearby beaches

    Parents will love

    • Its seafront location
    • The exciting history
    • The cosmopolitan atmosphere

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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