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How to Order Delicious Kid-Friendly Food in Greece

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    Simple, Basic Dishes

    Let’s start with the basics. A good option is souvlaki, which is roast chicken or pork on a skewer usually with some roasted bell peppers thrown in as well. Souvlaki will appeal to the pickiest eater.

    souvlaki skewed meet greek food

    You could also try biftekia (burgers on the grill), which often come with french fries or potatoes baked in olive oil and lots of garlic.

    grilled small burgers greek food

    Pair it with a Greek salad (also known as horiatiki salata), which tends to be popular with kids (as far as salads go). A Greek salad will have cucumbers, tomatoes, and green bell peppers chopped up with a piece of feta on top, and lots of olive oil for dunking bread.

    Greek salad with feta cheese

    You could also order a pita gyro, which is pork or chicken meat wrapped in a pita with tomatoes, onions, potatoes and tzatziki. We’ve never met a youngster who didn’t love it.

    pita bread with gyros greek snack

    Crispy Treats

    Greek-style potatoes fried in good olive oil are a guaranteed hit with kids and grownups alike. And Greek restaurants have turned fried foods into an art. Try keftedakia (fried meatballs) or calamari (fried squid) – it might sound weird, but the kids will love it. As a bonus, they’ll have a great story to tell their friends back home (‘we ate TENTACLES’).

    deep fried squid kalamaraki greek food

    Finally, you can’t miss tyri saganaki – literally fried cheese. It’s gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside – and delicious all over.

    fried cheese saganaki greek food

    Eat Your Vegetables

    The great thing about Greek food is that it’s packed full of vegetables. You can eat a totally vegetarian (or even vegan) meal at almost any restaurant without missing out on any flavor. Check out our article about vegetarian Greek food here. And there are tons of options for getting veggies into your kids. Ask about what’s in season, and you can’t go wrong.

    If your children aren’t wild about vegetables, then try a dish with “secret” veggies. Kolokythokeftedes (fried zucchini balls) are full of nutritious zucchini, but they don’t taste a thing like “rabbit food.” You could also try fried zucchini with tzatziki, which is a yogurt sauce packed with garlic and cucumber. It’s a fabulous combination.

    Savoury turnovers are a time-tested trick for getting Greek kids to eat their veggies. Try spanakopita (spinach “pie” or turnover), kolokythopita (zucchini “pie” – it’s a popular vegetable), or hortopita (wild greens “pie”).


    Little Nibbles

    Finally, dips, spreads, and sauces are great for little nibblers. Tzatziki is an all-time favorite, of course. Try melitzanosalata (charred eggplant “salad” or spread) or taramosalata (pink roe “salad”), which is a little fishy, but full of flavor.

    taramosalata dip greek food

    Try Mezedes

    As you can see, there’s a lot of good food in Greece. Every town and every island has its own speciality. Fruits and vegetables are at their peak when they’re in season, so you’ll get a fabulous variety the whole year-round. Mezedes, or small plates, are a great way to experiment with new flavors. Order a little bit of everything. Among the best places to go for mezedes are ouzeri (ouzo shops) and tsipouradika (tsipouro is a kind of strong Greek liquor).

    ouzo and mezedakia grek plates

    Stay tuned for our upcoming features on Greek food!

    Kids Love Greece has a network of trusted partners who organize cooking lessons and food tours. See all our food-related tours HERE.


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    • Tiropitakia: cheese mixture (for breakfast).
      Souvlaki: roasted chicken with sauce and dill (for lunch).
      Moussaka: like lasagna with eggplant (for dinner).
      Halva: like a cake with almonds and greek yogurt (for dessert).
      Saganaki: outside is cripy with fried cheese in.


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