Dikteo Andro cave Lassithi Crete
Spinalonga isle Elounda Lassithi Crete
Knossos palace ruins Heraklion Crete
Vai palm tree forest Lassithi Crete
Aghios Nikolaos town Lasithi Crete
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Spinalonga isle Elounda Crete

Crete’s Top 6 Natural Wonders

    #1. Shake, rattle and learn all about Crete’s natural wonders

    Heraklion is the islands capital and is often the first port of call for those flying into Crete. Visit in the autumn and you will be welcomed by crocuses, narcissi and scillas amongst other wonderful plants.

    To learn about the background of the island, and Greece itself, visit The Natural History Museum of Crete for innovative ways to educate yourself on the environment before you start exploring. Head to the museums ‘Living Museum’ section for information about wildlife to be found on the island then set the family a goal to tick all the boxes of things to find throughout the rest of the holiday. The museum also features a fun earthquake experience that is both exciting and educational for children. With model caves and lots of craft activities that allow children to get hands on, the museum will get you all excited about what natural wonders lie ahead.

    Natural History Museum of Crete

    #2. Wonder at Ancient Civilizations

    Knossos is a quick 10 minute drive from Heraklion and is home to the famous Minoan site in Crete. The original was built in around 3400 to 2100 BC and underwent severe reconstruction due to an earthquake in 1700 bc. The palace has since burnt down but it’s remains are still visited by thousands of tourist each year who wonder at its history. Whilst Knossos was man made, the building of it is an impressive feat of human nature and a great example of how natural materials and man can work together to create magic. Keep in mind that our application Kids Love Knossos is the best way  to make this tour interesting and entertaining for your kids.

    For a private guided tour to the Palace of Knossos with your family click HERE:

    #3. Be a god for The Day

    Take a picturesque drive to Lasithi Plateau, around 1.5 hours from Heraklion, and visit the Dikteon Andron which is said to be the birthplace of Zeus. The cave is one of the 3000 to be found in Greece and is arguably the most famous. Children will be wowed by the impressive stalagmites and stalactites and are sure to impress their geography teacher when they get home from their school break. The views from high in the mountains are spectacular, with pear and apple orchards, seasonal flowers and some of the freshest air on the island that will make you feel at one with nature.

    For a Private Guided Tour to the Cave of Zeus with your family, please click HERE

    #4. Swim in a bottomless lake

    Elounda is just over an hours drive from Heraklion and is a popular destination for tourists who want a mixture of tradition Greek holiday and modern beach holiday. There is plenty to see in Elounda itself but for true beauty take a ride over to Spinalonga Island to enjoy long swims in the sea, off of the small pebble beaches, and visit to learn all about the island, which was a former leper colony. The island forms a natural defence for Elounda and is again a great way to teach children about the nature of island and rock formation.

    Down the road from Elounda is Agios Nikolaos where you can find The Voulismeni Lake, said to be bottomless but is actually 210 ft deep. A drive to the lake is worth the drive as the town is very pretty and you can relax in one of the many tavernas.

    #5. Visit the Caribbean for the day!

    A trip to Greece without a few days on the beach is not heard of, so head to Vai beach where it feels like you have taken a plane to the Caribbean for the day. Via is home to the largest palm tree forest in Crete and offers plenty of free space for your little monkeys to run about and explore. Due to the biodiversity the trees bring, the area is great for spotting migrating birds on their journey from Africa.

    #6. Take a Hike!

    To the west of Heraklion you will find the beautiful city of Chania. You will want to spend some time walking around the quaint harbour, where you can take a long lunch looking out to sea and admiring the great food Crete has to offer.

    After a rest, take a trip to Kournas Lake, which the only natural lake in Crete. If your children are old enough you can enjoy a day out at Samaria Gorge, a spectacular natural wonder that is the subject of many photographs taken in Crete.

    To visit Samaria Gorge with your family as part of a family guided tour.

    Chania is also home to The Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete, a great space to take in the beauty the island has to offer and for you to get your last nature fix before heading back home.

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