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    There are many islands near Athens that can be visited on a day trip or as a short break. Some are more suitable for families than others. Here’s some of the best islands near Athens for families.

    Islands near Athens

    Families visiting Athens for a few days may be interested in visiting some of the nearby islands as a day trip or for a short stay. Many of these islands are under two hours away either by ferry or private tour, making them quick and easy to get through. Here’s our pick of the best islands near Athens that are ideal for families.

    Best Greek islands to visit close to Athens for families

    Here’s our top choice of islands close to Athens that make a great choice for families:

    • Hydra
    • Poros
    • Kea
    • Spetses
    • Aegina

    Hydra for families

    Hydra for families

    Hydra is a delight for families. With no motor vehicles here, you can explore the town on foot, and hire water-taxis to take you to quiet beaches with crystal clear waters. Our insights guide to Hydra will provide more information on what to see and do on Hydra for families.

    Visit Hydra as a day trip from Athens, combine a visit to Hydra with two other islands, or stay for a few nights. For more information, contact the Kids Love Greece team!

    Poros for families

    Poros for families

    Poros is another family-friendly Greek island near Athens. Just an hour and a half away by speedboat, or 2 and a half by ferry, it’s a lovely place to visit either on a 3 island tour from Athens, or in its own right. Activities for families on Poros include sightseeing, and checking out the lovely beaches! We’d love to give you more information about visiting Poros with kids, so contact our team today.

    Kea for families

    Enjoy beaches, the ruins of a Greek temple, and the low-key pace of quiet island life by visiting Kea island from Athens. In order to fully appreciate this remarkable place, we suggest taking our 2 day family sailing tour to Kea. This is fully customizable to your needs, and is designed for families in mind. We’d love to share more details with you!

    Family Vacations

    Spetses for families

    Spetses is known as the island of the artists, and boasts elegant mansions which date back hundreds of years, secluded beaches, boutique hotels and lovely restaurants. Spetses has an upmarket feel to it, with many wealthy Athenians having summer houses here. The island can be visited either as a day trip, or for a few days by staying at one of our recommended villas on Spetses suitable for families.

    Aegina for families

    Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens

    Just 40 minutes away by speedboat, Spetses has a romantic feel to it. Neo-classical buildings abound, and lovely beaches are scattered around the island. Aegina is arguably famous for two things – Pistachio nuts, and the ancient Greek temple which is said to be one of the three points of a sacred triangle. Commonly visited as a day trip, it makes a pleasant place to stay with the family for a night or two for anyone looking for some peace and quiet.

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